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The Lust Series - Pla

We came across sustainable brand Pla, whilst spending a morning scrolling through Instagram. It was their “basket like” sandals with their cute branded insole and artisan flair that really grabbed our attention. We instantly imagined taking a stroll along the coast on a sunny day or popping to a quaint market in some village whilst holding a basket of wild flowers. Pla, is the epitome of slow design and sustainability. The island of Mallorca heavily influences the brand, is where the studio by Co-Founder Irene is situated. Read on to find out more about the boutique artisan label.

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The Lust Series - BINIBAMBA

Snuggly merino sheepskin liners in trend-led colours, certainly aren't something you see every day hence why we are excited to see such products in the fashion arena. BINIBAMBA is a new brand set up by Emma Grant and is already making quite the mark. It’s fair to say that many new parents tend to seek items for their newborns that are cosy, kind and durable. BINIBAMBA offers all of that, in addition to a cool colour palette and items that are 100% natural.

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The Lust Series - 3 Water Bottles that Help the Planet

Today is World Water Day. This year’s theme is Nature for Water, which is very timely given the fact that we have seen some of the worst water related natural disasters in quite some time. This has left communities without access to basic water. An estimated 1.8 billion people use an unimproved source of drinking water with no protection against contamination from human faeces.  

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