True Greek hospitality: tradition meets sophistication & genuine experiences

Greek hospitality is known far and wide, and it is something to experience first hand. Your friends and family who have visited the country can tell you stories of when the Greek hospitality exceeded their expectations, when their hosts made sure everything was up to par - and then some, of that time when the locals went the extra mile, or when they suggested a bunch of experiences to reveal what the real Greece is like.

Cooking School and Cafe in Fez

Café Clock in Fez, Morocco has been setting the scene for the medina over since its opening a few years ago. It's a three floor restored townhouse (250 years old) with funky aspects, including gems picked up from souks that make this place unique. Moroccan hip hop followed by belly dancing grooves, free wi-fi access and the much talked about camel burgers from head chef Tariq Taza, gives this culture hub all the hype it deserves.

Vejer de la Frontera - Costa de la Luz gem

The white washed, hilltop town of Vejer de la Frontera unquestionably constitutes an oasis in the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. Only 10 minutes drive from the picturesque beaches of El Palmar, this beautiful setting is one of the most alluring towns on Spanish soil. For history buffs, this petite find is a place with special appeal for being an enclave for Southern Europe's oldest civilisations, the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans.

Nikkei Cuisine Meets The Med

Inside luxury boutique hotel Can Alomar, you can find the restaurant De Tokio A Lima on the 3rd floor of the property. This boutique gem is set in a magnificently restored 19th century mansion, built on what was previously a 15th century gothic palace. With service and substance to match its on-trend aesthetic, this restaurant is a must for fans of good food and impeccably styled dinner settings.

The Lust Series - LRNCE

LRNCE is a Belgian fashion label based in Marrakech that embodies a great sense of spirit and self-expression with it's remarkable and bold sense of eclecticism. Founded in 2013 by Laurence Leenaert, her work spans from ceramics, to blankets, tasselled shoes and more, all inspired by tribes and cults. 

Road trip In Andalusia - South West Itinerary

There are endless opportunities when you venture on a sweet off-season road trip through the provinces of Seville and Cádiz. The southern most part of Spain is cherished for having some of the most scenic sights, from nature reserves to ancient towns with lyrical names. As travelling slow is the best way to experience Andalusia, we recommend a week to discover the two provinces that we cover in this read.

LX Factory - Lisbon

Lisbon's architectural eclecticism and capacity to bridge the gap between the traditional with modernity has made the city, without a doubt, one of the most attractive European destinations for the past decade. LX Factory is an addition to the wide range of cool initiatives; where upcoming local makers open their shops, great bars and restaurants have become a regular meeting point and a diverse cultural agenda attract both locals and tourists alike.   

Claxon - Spanish cuisine with international touches

Claxon has been brimming with food enthusiasts since its opening in late July 2013. The restaurant is the result of the adventures undertaken by Majorcan natives, chefs Carlos Barandiariaín and Rafa Nadal, and the Argentinian Enzo Cominetti after travelling the world in search of culinary delights and cultures. The succulent trio's experience has encouraged them to work creatively together and produce a fusion of Mediterranean dishes with international touches.

The MAAT in Lisbon

The new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) opened its doors to the public in Lisbon, in October 2016. The unique building also functions as a mirador on the banks of the Tagus with the aspiration of becoming a European reference for contemporary art. The museum was officially inaugurated one day before its opening by the main authorities, including Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and the first Minister, António Costa.

72hrs in Seville

There are few cities in the world that evoke the same level of sentiment as Seville. It's the centre of all things traditionally Spanish: from the flamenco music, bullfighting to Ernest Hemingway's favourite drink, sangria. While the Sevillians (Sevillanos in Spanish) are known for their wit and sparkle, the city itself is fascinating for its exuberance. 

Astarte + Art Maisons Santorini

Summers in Santorini will never go out of style for some very simple, yet fundamental reasons: striking natural beauty, a cosmopolitan aura and an ancient past. These allow for a myriad of possibilities in terms of activities and experiences, enhancing visitors’ stay who will return time and time again.

Embaixada concept store

The iconic Ribeiro da Cunha Palace has been given a hip upsurge with a shopping gallery in the Principe Real neighbourhood. This XIX century new-Arabian Palace hosts some of the most innovative Portuguese design, craftsmanship, fashion, and gastronomic spots, in addition to being a genuine culture hub to all things Portuguese. The blending of history with the trendy gives this architectural gem the attention that it deserves, providing an exceptional experience for both locals and visitors alike.

Fascinating Cultures and Histories of Seville

Seville is a city in Andalusia that has an abundance of history, tourists sights and hidden corners of interests. The importance of the city during centuries have distinct effects on its civilisation, leaving a legacy for an infinite amount of years. Although its history dates far back to Roman times, an invasion by the Moors in the eighth century left a cultural mark that characterises the city today, in addition to the Visigoths period, the Jews and Phoenicians. 

Bistreau by Ángel León

The BistrEau restaurant is a gastronomic luxury that, with the help of Chef Ángel León, brings us the finest Mediterranean seafood cuisine. BistrEau consists of a menu focused on products from the sea, such as blue fin tuna, shrimp 'tortillitas de camarones', plankton rice, prawns, seaweed and other products from the sea. Expect an engaging atmosphere, an extensive selection of wines and divine service in a sophisticated and modern space where you can indulge in the finest forms of seafood cuisine.

72hrs in Athens

Athens is the city that gave birth to democracy and shaped modern society as we know it (and enjoy it) today. It counts more than 3,400 years in recorded history and has been a centre of the arts, philosophy, athleticism, knowledge and science since forever. The Classical Athens of centuries ago was a powerful city-state and the cradle of Western civilisation where culture prospered and flourished. 

KOTI - The Travel Experience

Gone are the days of renting short-term corporate, minimalist apartments at pricey ranges. Adventure seeking fanatics are now able to experience the true essence of Finland on the Rive Gauche at KOTI – six unique Finnish cottages in the heart of Paris. This gives travellers the opportunity to engage in Finnish culture while enjoying a sophisticated, design apartment without having to transport to Finland. 


72hrs in Rome

Rome is one of the most vibrant and leading tourist destinations in Europe. The locals are humbled and pleasured by the city's slower way of life as that compared to Milan, London or Paris, with tangled lanes of neighbourhoods like Trastevere and Monti known for being a favourite among the tourists. The centro storico (historic centre) with its ruler-straight stretch of sanpietrini stones (bevelled stones of black basalt) built from the times of Renaissance Rome's first major urban renewal projects, has noble palaces serenading the streets around is only the tip of the iceberg of what makes Rome stunning beautiful.