1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair - Marrakech

After successful runs in London since 2013 and Brooklyn in 2015, 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, will launch its first edition in Marrakech this weekend. The leading international art fair prides itself on promoting contemporary art that goes beyond the usual notion of Africa. It instead, references broader African perspective, thus contributing and reflecting a diverse Africa.

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Ten Romantic Hotel Stays Worldwide

Charming country houses with freestanding bathtubs. Picturesque views from idyllic and palatial stay up on high. Opulent hotels with all the amenities two can fathom. Personalised service and indulgent dining experiences. Sometimes you just need to escape. There is something about exploring a new place, or simply allowing yourself to be still, whilst you're with your significant other.

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"Inspiration"Charleen Parkes
Two Greek Destinations for Spring Break

Greece is a place that has the benefit of a very long season due to its fantastic Mediterranean climate. You can almost feel the Summer brewing as early as Spring that acts like a precursor, paving the way for typically warm temperatures and endless sunbathing sessions. In some respects, Spring is perhaps a better time to visit Greece as it usually is associated with better rates, less crowds and since temperatures are not that high, you can spend time doing much more than just lying on the beach. 

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The Lust Series - I&You Ceramics

With the food game still making its mark on social media, it's no surprise that styling is becoming more and more important. How you actually plate your food isn't just for those in the restaurant industry, even the everyday foodie that perhaps hosts a gathering wants a little something special to serve their culinary dishes on. Take for example popular lifestyle bloggers such as Alison Wu and Lee From America, who often snap their colourful fruit bowls or match latte´s in beautifully designed ceramic plates and mugs made from local artisans.


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Postcards from Paros island

Paros in Greece is among the most popular islands in the Cyclades that is postcard-worthy and heavenly substantial, to say the least. Some of the oldest European civilizations have been embraced in this part of the world, bridging culture and history bringing with it food, music and architecture. Paros has dozens of crystalline beaches awarded the blue flag under the Blue Flags of Europe Program, providing visitors with the options for not only for swimming, but also water sports activities. Although the locals consider the mainland peninsula to be the 'real Greece'.

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GreeceJeremy J.Paros
The Lust Series - Yasmine Darwiche

Every so often we get the opportunity to discover some incredible talent on profiles such as Instagram and Yasmine Darwiche is one of them. Last year Yasmine was featured in Dezeen magazine and has been working on several collaborations in Beirut, one of which includes some of her work showcased at Lebanese restaurant Mar Mikhael. It is Yasmine's vivid use of colour and punch that caught our eye whilst scrolling the feed, which is why we decided to find out more about her work and what inspires her. 

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Go glamping at Olimia Adria Village

When you think of Slovenia, the last thing that probably comes to mind is glamorous camping, otherwise known as glamping. The term coined to best refer to a style of travel that pairs modernity with adventure has been in full swing the last few years. It is usually associated with festival-goers, bohemian 'gypset' and those in love with the outdoors. In reality, it suits a wider audience, as today you can find many resorts dedicated to luxe living in a tent with all the modern amenities, whilst being surrounded by a luscious green landscape.

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Top 6 Travel Experiences of 2017

This year we have had the opportunity to experience all kinds of adventures. With the new year fast approaching, we thought we'd share some of our favourite experiences, including those that haven't been referred to previously. From the moment we booked our stay at Indulgence Divine, we could tell we were about to experience something special. Owner Gattaldo was extremely responsive and informative from start to finish and shared with us a wonderful selection of things to do and places to eat whilst in Malta.Read on to see our best travel moments in 2017.

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Three Magical Winter Wonderlands in Crete

As Greece’s most autonomous and diverse island, Crete is an intriguing place to visit all year round. Its cities are very vibrant and buzzing full of life while its rural locations are effortlessly astonishing, as winter gives the landscapes an alluring Winterland charm. The Mediterranean winter climate is a mild, and although tit does get colder, there are many crisp sunny days for visitors to enjoy. Read on to find our what three destinations in Crete make a great escape in the winter months. 

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GreeceCharleen Parkes
Postcards from Malta

Malta is ideally located just below the Italian island of Sicily, within close proximity to the north-east tip of Africa. The island has an abundance of World Heritage Sites, modest stilled beaches and a satisfying culture revolving around food. Some of our favourite times on the island included losing ourselves in timeworn backstreets in chronicled old cities and eating at some of the best restaurants the island has to offer. Through this experience, we mingled with the locals, tasted some goodies for ourselves and got a genuine feel for the island's lifestyle.

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MaltaJeremy J.
All Those Market - Christmas Edition

Nothing marks the arrival of Christmas more than a dreamy artisan market, with great food and top company. We are happy to share that  All Those market the culinary bonanza, returns on the 2nd and 3rd December in Barcelona. The local market continues to raise awareness for artisan brands and companies alike from different parts of Spain, and this year they will be based at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona. 

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Three reasons to visit Cape Verde islands

On the westernmost point of Africa lies an archipelagos of 10 volcanic islands in the midst of the Atlantic ocean. With an alluring cultural mix between Creole Portuguese-African heritage, the Cape Verde islands are one of the world’s most underrated destinations. Somewhere in between the western and the developing world, the region has evolved from the dark past of slave trade history, making it a very poignant place to visit.

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Cape VerdeCharleen Parkes
World Atlas of Street Food

Most of our loyal readers and Instagram fans will know that team Travel & Lust love gastronomy and confess to having a soft spot for street food. Whether it's an outdoor in the middle of a vineyard in the hilly landscapes of Tuscany, grabbing a bite from a hole in the wall in Morocco or admitting to salivating crazily over some souvlaki in Athens, we quite like the culture that entails around street food. This is why we were more than honoured to have been asked to contribute to the cookbook World Atlas of Street Food by authors Carol Wilson and Sue Quinn. T

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Topo Chiado - Lisbon

Topo Chiado arises following the revitalisation project of Martim Moniz, with the help of Lisboner José Rebelo Pinto, the mentor behind OutJazz festival and pioneer who revitalised Cais do Sodré and LX Factory. Together the duo have broken all stigmas associated with the cosmopolitan centre of Lisbon and decided that Topo Chiado be built on the top floor of the Martim Moniz Shopping Center. For this they have invited architects João Botelho and Miguel Oliveira to engage in the building and revamping of Topo Chiado.

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Ultimate Private Safari at Singita Serengeti House

The slopes of Sasakwa Hill in Tanzania’s western Serengeti are perfectly positioned for uninterrupted views of the grassy plains below, and the huge numbers of game that traverse this pristine wilderness all year round. Perched in this idyllic location is Singita Serengeti House; an exclusive-use retreat that offers family and friends a taste of sophisticated safari living in one of Africa’s most iconic conservation areas.

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Postcards from Puglia

This region at the southern heel of Italy has sheer natural beauty, authenticity, charm and substance. Whether it's visiting the whitewashed trullo houses in Alberobello, visiting olive groves and orchards or swimming in seas with the deepest shade of blue, this Italian region has something special. It borders the Adriatic Sea to the east, the Ionian Sea ...Puglia's coastline is one of the longest in Italy, making it a hit destination for Italians. 

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ItalyCharleen Parkes
The Lust Series - Shop Nordico, Spain

You may have noticed that Nordic or Scandinavian design just seems to be everywhere these days. The purist approach commonly associated with natural elements and pared down sophisticated design features, is something that is not only applied to shops, restaurants and hotels but homes too. Shop Nordico is an online store 100% dedicated to selling Nordic brands to those in Spain.

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