Yök - an eco and cultural stay in Barcelona


Want to experience a traditional stay in Barcelona whilst being kind to the planet? yök Casa + Cultura offers just that, with three eco­ renovated homes that go back to Catalan Modernism (1900) and boast emblematic design features. Managed by eco­-designer Petz Scholtus, originally from Luxembourg and living in Barcelona since 2004, and hotel­ management expert Mari Rodríguez. The go local philosophy is very much at the forefront of this sojourn well-considered property for visitors who want to experience the authenticity of Barcelona city. 

Located in Eixample the houses are super central making it convenient for those visiting. Eco-design principles were incorporated consistently throughout the renovation process, always respecting the original Catalan Modernism elements such as the decorative hydraulic tiled flooring, pretty frescoes, and wooden sliding doors. During the renovation process, the owners came across surprises that challenged the build but remained true to their ethical philosophy to find solutions. Local products and materials have been used where possible and one very smart feature is the water and energy saving devices that encourage guests to be mindful of the resources they are using during their stay.

What is quite impressive about yök Casa + Cultura, is the way they pair sustainable aspects, design and a slow concept in the period building. It isn't preachy at all, in fact, they make sustainable apartments very accessible. They offer apartments suitable for all. The name “yök” comes from the Catalan word “lloc”, meaning place or location and interestingly, it also acts as a metaphor for yolk - being the centre of things. This is very representative of what both Scholtus and Rodriguez have created in Barcelona. An alternative to a hotel and typical apartment rental agency, yök Casa + Cultura engage with their guests and encourage them to use the space in its entirety. This includes a jaw-dropping terrace where all can unite and bask in the views. The terrace is also used for eco-wine pairings once a month led by sommelier Cristina Baisplelt. Five organic Catalan wines are paired with stories that resonate with the values of yök Casa + Cultura. Find out more via their Facebook page.

We also love the fact that wood from the doors that were removed from some of the apartments was repurposed and used to produce bedside tables. This is done in collaboration with Fundació Arrels, a foundation that works with the homeless. They are also looking to expand this further with new sustainable projects from reclaimed wood. Staying true to their ethos, yök Casa + Cultura offers a Barcelona stay with local culture and local design that is good for the conscious and innovative.

Prices start from: Casa A from 192EUR/night (4 people), Casa B from 186EUR/night (4 people) and Casa C from 375EUR/night (8 people).



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