We are a team dedicated to sharing the unearthed gems of boutique travel. This form of travelling is an intimate, personalised, and eclectic chic way of venturing around the globe. Our business defines the key elements of boutique travel, giving our readers the opportunity to become part of local life and connect with the place that they are in. Our philosophy is a lifestyle that goes beyond the travel trends. What we keep at the forefront:


Sure it's easy to contact hotels, tours and restaurants and put together a story but how would that really help you? At Travel & Lust we ensure that we publish the personal experiences from our travels, so that you can rest assure that you get a real insight and updated account. Our readers are more interested in the local aspect of travelling and want to immerse themselves in a new place, they are professionals that are often time-poor and seek efficient and sophisticated guides. Tour guides help you experience a place like a 'native', which is why we often book a guide to discover more during our stays. 


Some people think more is always better, but we like to differ. Our audience is all about well presented qualitative information, in which case less is sometimes more. We take our time sourcing places, creating an attractive shortlist that will not only appeal to our readers but will also help them whilst planning a trip. Sometimes our preference is to stay in smaller, even family owned hotels, riads, b&b's and apartments whilst getting a 'real' feel for a place. Our Hotel Reviews page is a list of our favourite stays experienced personally, whilst the Black Book is a directory of global boutique hotels that represent boutique travel.


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Califa Vejer de la Frontera
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