The Lust Series - Pla


We came across sustainable brand Pla, whilst spending a morning scrolling through Instagram. It was their “basket like” sandals with their cute branded insole and artisan flair that really grabbed our attention. We instantly imagined taking a stroll along the coast on a sunny day or popping to a quaint market in some village whilst holding a basket of wild flowers. Pla, is the epitome of slow design and sustainability. The island of Mallorca heavily influences the brand, is where the studio by Founder Irene Peukes is situated. Read on to find out more about the boutique artisan label.

Where are you from?
I am half German and half Spanish, but have spent the last 23 years in Spain, between Mallorca and Barcelona. As I am half Spanish, I decided to come to Spain to study, instead of studying in cities such as London or Amsterdam.

What is your design background?
I was given a grant in Germany to study a Design Master in Barcelona and afterwards I worked at Camper for more that 8 years. I then went on to co-create some iconic Camper shoes, such as the Peu. 

What made you start designing?
I have always been interested in design, textile, clothes, art, theatre… I started studying Costume Design but didn't particularly enjoy the lessons (because of my teacher) and decided to study Fashion Design. I was not interested in fashion itself, but more so in everything around it (materials, creation, textiles…) 

What inspired you?
Colour! I love the colour of nature but as well in art. Some artists that inspire me are Mark Rothko , Juan Usle or Sonia Delaunay. Here at the Pla of Mallorca, colour is everywhere, it's wonderful. Though it is not represented in an obvious way in the collections, it is around artisan women; watching them working, their techniques, makes me seek for new design possibilities.

How would you describe Pla in 3 words?
Design, handcraft and sustainability.

Where can people buy your products?
At and in different points of sale in Spain, UK, Japan, Australia and US.

Is there anything new we can expect from Pla?
We are always working on new ideas, maybe new shoes, a winter or a home collection… You never know, but just one thing at a time :)

The Lust Series