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Three Boutique Hotels in Mainland Greece

The Greek islands usually hold front row seats when it comes to holiday destinations in Greece. However many they may be, Greece is not just made of these, albeit, fascinating islands. Our search for the best boutique hotels in mainland Greece takes us to Athens and the Peloponnese, this time. Boutique hotels typically have a small room count, have a strong personality and provide guests with an entirely unique, hospitality experience.

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72hrs in Malaga

Few places in Europe possess such a rich, varied and lengthy history as Malaga. It is, in fact, one of the oldest established cities on the continent, having been founded by the Phoenicians some 3,000 years ago, while evidence of indigenous civilisations harks back thousands of years before that. Locally discovered Neandertal relics and cave paintings dated more than 30,000 years old indicate that the Malaga region supported human life from its earliest development.

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72hrs in Mexico City

When you first set foot on the streets of Mexico City, you’re greeted with a new world of sensory experiences. The man selling gas is competing with the tamales vendor on how loud they can yell to attract customers. The locals are lining up to grab a few tacos al pastor from a street food stall that is surrounded by a vivid aroma of slow-cooked meat. The sounds of cars honking are mixed with a constant hustle and bustle coming from the street. You get a feeling that you’ve arrived to one of the most busy and exciting cities in the world.

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