5 Outdoor Adventure Activities in Greece


When thinking about Greece, what comes to mind? If you had to pick three things, our guess that those would be: ancient heritage, incredible beaches and fantastic food. The abundance of natural beauty to be found on both Greek islands and mainland destinations opens up an entirely different world in terms of experiences. Here are five adventures to go to in Greece that will expand your perspective of this Mediterranean classic.  

Lemnos island - For harnessing the power of the winds

Sand dunes of Lemnos island.jpg

Cradled in the northeastern part of the Aegean sea, Lemnos island is a place that few people know. Expect to find an authentic Lemnian lifestyle, which is a true testament to the flourishing local community deeply rooted in its traditions. Apart from an intriguing sense of genuineness that Lemnos exudes, it is the perfect destination for kite surfers and windsurfers who seek to harness the power of the winds. The best kite surf in Lemnos happens on the Kotsinas and Keros beaches and is one of the most thrilling activities to do on the island. Kite surfers would say that these two beaches appear to be designed for that exact purpose. Lemnos can deliver on many more exciting activities within its bountiful nature.

Pelion - For wandering the fable-strewn forests of the Centaurs


Set in the mythical mountains of Thessaly, Pelion is a gorgeous destination that provides an alternative to the usual beach holiday. The forests of Pelion were said to be the homeland of the mythical Centaurs; legendary creatures of Greek mythology that were considered the living embodiment of courage and fortitude. Those who love visiting places linked to fables can find themselves right in the crux of an eternal forest, where myths live and breathe. Mountain biking in Pelion combines an exciting activity within flourishing nature with the awe-inspiring feeling of being amidst a place of never-ending enchantment. Furthermore, the hiking trails of Pelion are many and diverse, so it will be easy finding the routes that fit your level of expertise like a glove. You can also go on foraging expeditions in the forest, collecting wild mushrooms and learning about the incredible flora and fauna of the region.   

Santorini - For discovering a mesmerising, volcanic underwater world


Beneath the sea’s surface lies a world that remains much unexplored. There is something inherently gripping about unravelling the mystery of the ocean, only visible to those who dare go beyond their comfort zone and delve deeper into mysterious, aquatic depths. Scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts find observing the big blue an almost addictive activity, wanting to explore place after place. Each visit is an entirely different experience. And when in search of the most fantastic diving location in Greece, the unique, volcanic nature of Santorini island is the most definite contender. Diving in Santorini can be enthralling. The specifics of Santorini’s seabed are positively astonishing as the volcano eruption has created extraordinary underwater scenery. The black beaches offer ample opportunity to explore the hidden depths of the island. There are many dive sites with marine caves, walls, reefs and shipwrecks - even the immersed part of the volcano too. 

Crete - For exploring one of the most riveting ravines in Greece

Samaria National Park in Crete.jpg

Crete is known for its exceptional gastronomy, vivacious customs and wide-ranging natural beauty. The gorges and ravines of Crete are numerous, or to put it numerically; there are more than 400! Samaria Gorge, however, is the largest of them all. It stands more than 18 km in length; its breadth varies from 150 m to 3.5 m while, at its highest point, the mountain walls amount to 500 m above sea level. Declared a National Park, Samaria is the home to many endangered species of fauna, such as the rare kri-kri goat which is indigenous only to Crete. Those wishing to discover this fascinating natural site can arrange to take part in an organised trek to the Gorge of Samaria via the reception of your central hotel in Chania or by contacting one of the service providers directly.     

Greece in general - sailing and taking in breathtaking and diverse views

Photo by  Nick Karvounis  on  Unsplash

With so much sea gracing its massive coastline, Greece is a place where sea lovers, unite. Three significant seas engulf Greece. In the east, the Aegean separates it from Turkey, in the west, the Ionian separates it from Italy while between the mainland and its largest island, Crete is the Cretan Sea. It, therefore, goes without saying that a sailing holiday or at least a day at sea is a pleasant experience. Opt for a sailing trip that has a predefined itinerary, or design your sailing trip in Greece and make this Greek sea adventure entirely your own. You can either choose which destinations you would like to visit or decide how many days you want to spend at sea, and that will inform the options for possible places. Visit famous islands and explore their unseen side accessed only via the sea. Alternatively, head straight to some off-the-beaten-track islands such as Poliegos, where no man has ever set foot. Expect toppling hills that plummet directly into crystalline waters that create scenes of dramatic natural beauty. 

This article has been produced in collaboration with Helen-Marie Joyce. 

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