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espanyolet is a beautifully crafted brand set up by husband and wife team Melissa Rosenbauer & Thomas Bossert. Melissa is from New Jersey, United States, whilst her husband Thomas was raised in Essen, Germany but has actually lived more than 20 years in New York - the city where they both met.  

With a Masters degree in Graphic Design, a career in corporate branding for top agencies like Landor and R/GA and 15 years working on client & project management at advertising agencies between them, it was in 2013 that they decided to leave New York to go and travel the world.

It was in Bali where we (re)discovered the joy of making whilst working in natural indigo, batik & ceramics studios. We loved what we were doing - slow design and the actual artisan process, so we decided to not return to our office jobs but instead launch a small design studio where we could focus on artisan craftsmanship. This was 2014, we refined our concept over the course of a year and launched espanyolet in late 2015.

Inspiration oftentimes comes from things we cannot capture with a camera. It's the smell of sun on skin, the feeling of the light here in Mallorca that warms in a way no other light can. We're also really affected by the imperfection & eroded textures of Spain. This is a country that was left in disrepair for so many years and the beauty that resulted is all around us: a fading wall, an imperfectly painted fence, the chipped away layers of terra-cotta. These things all make their way into our designs.

espanyolet IN 3
Imperfect, faded and unexpected

NEXT STEPS FOR espanyolet
So much!! We are only 2 people so it's tough to allocate our meagre resources to all the new things we have in our heads! In the immediate future, however, people will see our work in a 1920s Spanish finca here on Mallorca. We are designing & making headboards for 9 bedrooms -- some are traditional-style headboards and others have a very modern twist (still with vintage linen so here's where the unexpectedness comes in). This project will be a showcase for the larger-scale furniture pieces & design projects we are taking on in 2017 and beyond.

Vintage linens only online in our web shop
Hand formed ceramic cheese boards at Bazaar Palma and the St Regis Mardavall.


Notes in Mallorca