The Lust Series - Dora Larsen


Dora Larsen is a lingerie brand founded by Georgia Larsen. Her designs are refreshing, on the pulse and ultra feminine. The playful fringing, whimsical aesthetic and delicate hues exude pure prettiness making the sets a coveted closet must-have.

Georgia was born in Cardiff, raised in Bristol, and now resides in Peckham, London. Her parents are Dutch and Danish. An avid design enthusiast, she is a natural when it comes to crafting designs. Georgia's design journey didn't start with the usual art course or MBA at renowned institutes, it actually all hailed from her successful fashion blog in 2010. This led her to gaining a position in the buying department for top British retailer TopShop. It was during Georgia's time there that she learnt on the job from fashion gurus and discovered her love for design and most specifically lingerie.

It was a strong desire to work for herself that initially motivated Georgie to set up her very own label Dora Larsen. She already had a clear idea of a brand and the type of product that she was keen to buy herself and realised that no one in the market was doing it in a fairly affordable way - thus Dora Larsen was born.

In her own words:

Next steps for Dora Larsen
"Really excited by things are coming up that I wish I could share now! We are expending into a lot more shapes and some of the colours were beginning to do now are exciting me even more than the last lot. We've been chosen by Salon International De La Lingerie (biggest lingerie tradeshow in Paris) for their "selection", which is really hard to get in to! So I'm excited by what that might bring"

"Fashion, nature, photography, art. I don't like to follow what's going on trend wise with lingerie as its always so fleeting, and I want my designs to be relevant and cool for longer than that!"

Georgia in 3
"Scruffy and relaxed, but with a very girl twist to it!"


The Lust Series