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Every so often we get the opportunity to discover some incredible talent on profiles such as Instagram and Yasmine Darwiche is one of them. Last year Yasmine was featured in Dezeen magazine and has been working on several collaborations in Beirut, one of which includes some of her work showcased at Lebanese restaurant Mar Mikhael. It is Yasmine's vivid use of colour and punch that caught our eye whilst scrolling the feed, which is why we decided to find out more about her work and what inspires her. 

Where are you from?
I am currently living with my family in Beirut. But originally, I come from a small village in the South of Lebanon.

How did you get into Graphic Design? 
In 2012, when I decided to major in Graphic Design at the American University of Beirut. I graduated in spring of 2016.

Describe your work in 3 words? 
Relatable, young, genuine

What inspires you?
Definitely my surroundings. I love to spend time wandering the streets of Beirut, capturing photographs of my environment and later transforming my experiences into a series of illustrative visuals. Beirut basically feeds my work. Everything in this city inspires me. From the people to the food, and the endless options and variety of places that are at your disposal. 

What does the future hold for Yasmine Darwiche?
I would like to serve my community on a larger scale. Not sure how yet, but I’m slowly growing and I’m constantly learning. I just like to live in the moment and focus on myself and my work. 

List 3 of your favourite spots in Beirut? 
It’s hard to narrow it down to just three places. But one of my favourites is definitely Tawlet. It was founded by Kamal Mouzawak, the person who founded the first farmer’s market in Beirut. The menu is created by women who come from different villages across Lebanon. Each day, a woman is invited to the restaurant and is asked to serve her speciality dishes. Another spot that I love is called Internazionale. It’s a trendy bar that is located on Mar Mikhael, an area that attracts major nightlife traffic, making it one the busiest streets in Beirut. The bar serves delicious food and speciality cocktails and the interior is quite unique. And the atmosphere is just great and you’ll meet all sorts of people while grabbing drinks. The last place on my list is, Salon Beyrouth, located in Clemenceau. It’s a whiskey oriented resto bar that is inspired by jazz era salons. I personally really enjoy working there during the day. The space provides a beautiful outdoor garden and terrace that isolates you from the traffic and the loud noises. The place also hosts live jazz bands on a weekly basis. So if you’re looking to enjoy some good music, then this is definitely a must visit.

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The Lust Series