Walila - the Zayrs family historic farm in Morocco

Walila Zayrs family farm


Welcome to this home, this farm, this little piece of heaven on earth. Welcome to this place where reality mixes with fantasy and dreams are celebrated. We are referring to the home of the Zayrs family, situated between Volubilis and the town of Moulay Idriss. Upon entering the farm in our chauffeur driven 4 wheeler organised by Plan It Fez, we were greeted by the owner Azzedine Zayr, his son and wife.

We were introduced inside the family home, as Azzedine explained the history of the property. In 1920 it was built and was a special retreat for Michel Jobert, the French foreign minister under Georges Pompidou and François Mitterrand, who is known for having published a novel about the house. Azzedine has bought the property after many years of abandonment. He explained to us about his vast experience as a trained chef in The Netherlands for over 20 years; his passion resonated as he thoroughly enjoys talking about culinary culture and his love for all things sustainable. We went into his field of oranges and pomegranates (some would say dreams) tasting the fruits as we were suddenly met with a narrow river that runs through the rural settings of this region. The peacefulness and tranquility of the sound of the water, the donkey having a snooze and the bees in the distance was breathtaking. 

After a tour of the property, we were seated in the middle of the farm in an open space ambience with rustic tables and chairs serenaded with flower pots everywhere. While we were waiting for our first plate, we couldn't help but turn our heads and see the uphill views of the Roman city of Volubilis in the distance and the town of Moulay Idriss on the opposite end.

Back to the food - for the entrée we enjoyed an amazing wild herb vegetable soup (all from the farm of course) accompanied with traditional freshly baked bread made from the grains from their farm. All of the food on Walila farm is ecologically grown and prepared in the warm tradition of the Moroccan way. A first plate of a mixture of both raw and cooked vegetables were served nicely on the plate. The cold salad with home grown ingredients included zaalouk, an eggplant and tomato mixture, and taktouka (a mixture of tomatoes, green peppers, garlic and spiceswild beets) were nicely presented. An additional third plate was the tasty cold fruit and vegetable salad presented in the shape of a cup. Our main dish was herbed tomato with delicious potato wedges on the side and grilled chicken. For dessert we delved into candied figs, picked from the farm and served with a smile. We didn't want to leave, thanks again Plan-It Fez.

Walila | Ecological food hand-picked directly from the Zarys family farm | info@walila.com | +212 6 625 28 105 / +212 6 520 96 373  | 45 € Starting price | Located in between Volubilis and the town of Moulay Idriss | 

Walila Zayrs
Walila farm
Walila Zayrs farm
We found the geese to be walking together almost side-by-side. Super cute!