The Lust Series - 2.10 Swimwear


Ladies, have you ever found yourselves pulling up your bikini bottoms to avoid tan lines? Or tugging at your bikini top to ensure you get maximum coverage whilst remaining modest? If you answered yes to either question, you'll want to read on and hear about versatile swimwear brand 2.10 swimwear headed up by Julia Osovskaya. The concept is simple, fashionable yet practical swimwear that allows you to catch the sun but not the tan lines. This is a swimwear brand that doesn't punish sunbathers for basking in the sun and continuously keeps the customer at the forefront of design. Real women in practical swimming attire all seems like a isn't. Think high-waisted bikinis with cutouts, bikini bottoms with waist ties and adjustable elements for as much coverage as preferred, two-piece swimwear that converts to appear as a one piece - all in fresh summer hues. Read on for an insight on this exciting swimwear brand.

Where are you from? 

I was born and spent most of my life in Moscow, Russia.

What is your design background?

2.10 swimwear is my first design experience. Growing up I would often come up with ways of making clothes I already had more wearable, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that I eventually had an idea to make on-trend swimwear practical. This being said, since I don’t have any formal design education, finding a skilled technical designer for my brand was crucial!

How did 2.10 swimwear start?

The idea for 2.10 swimwear came from my own frustration with the crazy tan lines high-waisted and cut out pieces leave. I often had to roll down, adjust or tuck in the fabric to get an even tan. I lived with the idea for years, wondering why I couldn’t find the styles that met my needs. It seemed so obvious to me, yet no one brand offered something like this. When I cut a really expensive monokini (I’ll forgo the brand mention, because it’s not their fault at all!) into a bikini with my own hands I knew I’d had enough and decided to give it a try.

How did you prepare for starting your brand? 

Before starting 2.10 I had already been freelancing for 1,5 years helping a number of smaller local fashion brands and designers with their social media efforts. The experience I gained during this time both helped me learn how to be my own boss and provided a perfect opportunity to get an insider look at the industry.

What inspires you / team?

I am most inspired by the people I meet and their stories. A close second is nature for its amazing colour palette.

How would you describe 2.10 swimwear in 3 words?

Clever (even if I say so myself), on-trend, practical.

We know that you regularly travel to Paphos and even shot your collection there. What is it that you love about Paphos?

It’s a place that combines picturesque nature, archeological gems, amazing climate and a true slow lifestyle. I’ve been coming to Paphos at least once a year since 2010 and I’ve watched it change dramatically over the years. I’s becoming a proper city with more and more things to do, yet it’s kept its soul through the transformation.



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