World Atlas of Street Food

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Most of our loyal readers and Instagram fans will know that team Travel & Lust love gastronomy and confess to having a soft spot for street food. Whether it's an outdoor in the middle of a vineyard in the hilly landscapes of Tuscany, grabbing a bite from a hole in the wall in Morocco or admitting to salivating crazily over some souvlaki in Athens, we quite like the culture that entails around street food. This is why we were more than honoured to have been asked to contribute to the cookbook World Atlas of Street Food by authors Carol Wilson and Sue Quinn. The World Atlas of Street Food surveys the whole phenomenon and celebrates one of the most amazing commercial and culinary success stories of the 21st century so far.

Street food is convenient, accessible and relatively varied and is making a debut in some cities thanks to the food truck movement. Barcelona hosts the Van Van market, which is a regular street food affair featuring tacos, American grill, Indian cuisine, and more. In the book, readers can discover where to get food on the go across the major cities found worldwide. This includes the much hyped about street food destinations; Istanbul, Bangkok, Mexico, Stockholm and San Francisco. This is complemented with more than 70 mouthwatering recipes, giving readers the opportunities to re-create some of the finest street food dishes from the comfort of their very own home. 

Travel & Lust produced the copy for the section BallarĂ³ Market in Palermo, Sicily. We were introduced to this vibrant street market by our tour guide Don Saro who is behind Personal Sicily Guide, and the experience were excellent! The colours, interesting smells, and noisy bellows from enthusiastic stallholders selling produce is something we'd encourage all to experience when visiting Palermo.

You can buy the book at main book stockists such as Amazon, Waterstones and Book Depository.

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