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KOTI - The Travel Experience

Gone are the days of renting short-term corporate, minimalist apartments at pricey ranges. Adventure seeking fanatics are now able to experience the true essence of Finland on the Rive Gauche at KOTI – six unique Finnish cottages in the heart of Paris. This gives travellers the opportunity to engage in Finnish culture while enjoying a sophisticated, design apartment without having to transport to Finland. 


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The Paris Popup

The Paris Popup trio are back at it again with their chef in residence initiative at the boutique luxury Grand Hotel Nord Pinus Place du Forum, in the heart of Arles, France. Harry Cummins, Laura Vidal and Julia Mitton will be cooking up seasonal menus from locally sourced ingredients paired up with the finest wines in the country.

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Air de Paris

In the year 1990, Florence Bonnefous and Edouard Merino founded a gallery called Air de Paris, paying tribute to Marcel Duchamp. The two have known each other since the hey days in the Magasin school in the southern French city of Grenoble. Their love for the arts has manifested in the gallery as they exhibit young talented artists from Grenoble, Pierre Joseph, Bernard Joisten, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Philippe Perrin before the world gawks amazingly at their end results. 

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Coutume Café - Paris

Paris, a city known for rich cuisine and excellent wines, has long been reproached for its undrinkable coffee. Happily, in the last few years, the city has seen a coffee revolution. Local brewers like Coutume, Café Lomi, and Belleville Brûlerie in Paris’ east side have brought the craft of artisan brewing to Paris’ coffee connoisseurs. Coutume, in addition to supplying coffee beans to many Parisian restaurants, has two outposts in the city. 

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