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Why you need to visit Egypt, the Red Sea and Jordan

For embarking on a journey through time and for unravelling the fascination of the land of Pharaohs and lost kings, all you need to do is consider discovering Egypt, the Red Sea and Jordan next winter. The highlights of a trip that will unveil the magnificence of these close by destinations are Cairo, Luxor, the Red Sea islands and resort areas, as well as Aqaba, Petra and Wadi Rum. 

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Three reasons to visit Cape Verde islands

On the westernmost point of Africa lies an archipelagos of 10 volcanic islands in the midst of the Atlantic ocean. With an alluring cultural mix between Creole Portuguese-African heritage, the Cape Verde islands are one of the world’s most underrated destinations. Somewhere in between the western and the developing world, the region has evolved from the dark past of slave trade history, making it a very poignant place to visit.

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Ultimate Private Safari at Singita Serengeti House

The slopes of Sasakwa Hill in Tanzania’s western Serengeti are perfectly positioned for uninterrupted views of the grassy plains below, and the huge numbers of game that traverse this pristine wilderness all year round. Perched in this idyllic location is Singita Serengeti House; an exclusive-use retreat that offers family and friends a taste of sophisticated safari living in one of Africa’s most iconic conservation areas.

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Top 10 places to visit in Morocco

Only a few hours away from most European destinations, you can visit the Maghreb region of north Africa and its exotic hot spots. The experiences to encounter can be adventurous, rustic and rather down to earth, in addition to there being a more luxurious, quite glamorous side to a traveler's experience, depending on their preferences. This contrast has broadened our horizons to want to explore more of Morocco..

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