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Lisbon's architectural eclecticism and capacity to bridge the gap between the traditional with modernity has made the city, without a doubt, one of the most attractive European destinations for the past decade. LX Factory is an addition to the wide range of cool initiatives; where upcoming local makers open their shops, great bars and restaurants have become a regular meeting point and a diverse cultural agenda attract both locals and tourists alike.  

The original story of this historical industrial complex dates back to 1846, when a threads and fabrics company by the name of Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Lisbonense had a timely run of its mills. This 23.000 m2 industrial site was, consequently, engrossed by a set of industrial related companies. LX Factory (inaugurated in 2012) is an industrial warehouse complex that was given a new urban revamp, and quickly become a haven of cool, with atmospheric cafés and funky, innovative boutiques.

A diversified, large number of happenings from fashion, publicity, fine arts to music can be appreciated at LX Factory. You must try the chocolate cake and coffee at Landeau Chocolate, and head to the world famous Ler Devagar floor-to-ceiling bookstore. It was a former printing warehouse, which now houses a dizzying number of books. For lunch we especially loved the eccentric 1300 Taberna for its sophisticated interior design, excellent choices of food and wine. Chef Nuno Barros is the head chef, he has participated and won several awards for his recognised cooking skills. Think suckling pig tacos, charcoal grilled lamb loin, and crème pumpkin brûlée for dessert! To get the best experience at LX Factory, Sundays from 11h to 19h there is an open air flea market for those who enjoy second hand objects, handicrafts, music, food, and traditional items scouted from locals vintage pieces. 

To get to the LX Factory, bus numbers 714, 720, 732, 742, 751 and 760 run regularly from downtown Lisbon, in addition to tram number 15E, which takes you nearest the station Alcântara-Mar. There is a free parking space inside the warehouse complex free of costs. If there happens to not be any space for your vehicle, there is a car park next to LX Factory that cost around 2€. Just above the car park you can spot the iconic 25th of April Bridge.

The Alcântara neighbourhood is clearly Lisbon's alternative side, worth the trip despite being a bit outside of the city centre. Take your time to explore the former manufacturing complex LX Factory, and support the locals by shopping for their goods. 

LX Factory | Former industrial complex turned cultural hub | R. Rodrigues de Faria nº 103, 1300 Lisbon, Portugal | Open everyday 6:00am - 4:00am (view online for individual shop hours) | +351 21 314 3399 | lxfactory@mainside.pt | www.lxfactory.com | #lxfactory

Lx Factory Lisbon

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