Travel & Lust was established to help source the niche, local and boutique businesses in the travel industry. With many targeting the luxury or discerning audience, we feel that there is definitely a gap in the market for those that want a high-end experience that is accessible and affordable. Our focus is to simply help promote these businesses, with a keen eye on local elements. 

Reader profile

Our readers are culturally in tune and like to discover a place and gain a new experience whilst staying at a hotel. This includes special boutique places that lend themselves to their surroundings.

-  They like to enhance their stay with services such as tours, tastings, community initiatives and more.

-  Top performing countries: United States, Spain, Portugal, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Germany, Morocco, France.

-  54% female 46% male

-  Regular travellers seeking inspiration

-  Design enthusiasts

-  Individuals planning a non-conventional holiday

-  Online savvy and cultural travellers

-  Fans of slow tourism 



-  46,500 unique visitors (monthly)

-  45% new visits per month

-  7 pages visited per visit

-  0:06 minutes spent on the site per visit

-  The majority of people clicking from our homepage to other pages, indicating that our content is relevant to our market.

-  Hotel Reviews is the most viewed page after the homepage

-  Social media followers: Instagram: 21.7K, Pinterest: 1.3K, Twitter: 3680, Facebook: 3150 




Casa Bonay

We only promote hotels, guest houses, apartments and B&Bs where we have stayed

-  We are responsible for review, with our Editor-in-Chief reviewing all copy

-  The URL has the accommodation clearly marked

-  5 images are required for the review page

What to expect:

-  A direct link to your website

-  A direct link to your TA page (where applicable)

-  Personal introduction to your business 

-  List of amenities and any additionals

-  Map to the vicinity of your accommodation

-  Profile listing on homepage for at least 2 weeks

-  Paragraph explaining the key elements of your business, using keyword rich content

-  Direct link to your hotel website, so people can book directly



  We share our moments, latest finds and travel experiences on our Notes section www.travelandlust.com/blog

-  Blog posts are populated with keywords to boost SEO and help people find the content

-  Strong and engaging images are used to create a compelling and inviting post

-  A direct link is provided to companies, in addition to the full address where appropriate

-  Personal accounts from our experiences

-  Sharing opportunity via Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+


- A new boutique hotel directory 

- Barter agreement for annual inclusion 

- Regular promotion on social media platforms

- Inclusion in newsletter throughout the year



-  Guides are an excellent way to help those visiting get to experience a place like a local

-  We only select tour guides or custom classes that are reliable, have a clear website outlining services and operate in at least English

-  The URL of the tour page we publish has the name of the tour company clearly marked

-  Images are supplied by Travel & Lust from our actual experience on tour and we will only require your logo

What to expect:

-  A direct link to your website

-  A full personal account of our experience on the tour

-  Clear outline of the tour that we booked

-  Full contact details

-  A report on hashtags # used from our social media activity 



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