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unrobe Amsterdam

We discovered sustainable fashion brand Unrobe, whilst visiting Amsterdam in April 2018. We were fortunate enough to spot them at their pop up on. It was the window depicting the transparent costs of an average garment to be made sold and distributed versus their own concept. The cross comparison highlighted that it wasn't only cheaper to purchase items from their own brand but fairer labour. As per their mission statement, they are dedicated to 'Dressing people by undressing the industry'. The brand produces simple, high-quality clothing (some with a twist) with a twist, exuding an ethical fashion brand that you want to advocate. We caught up with Co-Founder and Owner Daan Ubachs to find out more.

Where are you from?
Daan: Daan Ubachs & Koen Warmerdam - both founders of Unrobe - are from Haarlem, The Netherlands. Little Amsterdam it’s called, because it’s just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. It’s near the beach which is great when the weather is nice (not too often unfortunately haha). 

How do you choose your collaborators?
Daan: We choose our collaborations specifically on likeminded visions and missions. We are a sustainable fashion brand, so the collabs we do should carry out both our visions. Preferably with bigger brands with a bigger audience which will take Unrobe to another level. If they’re not sustainable in any way, then they should be a creative company as we’re a creative brand as well. Preferably in other niches, so we attract and communicate to new customers.

Describe your work in 3 words?
Daan: Sustainable & ethical fashion brand (those are four words ;-)). 

What inspires you?
Daan: Everything that’s creative, that challenges yourself and that challenges the status quo. That could be in different branches like interior design, advertising, art, F&B, travelling and fashion. 

What does the future hold for Unrobe?
Daan: We have big ambitions. First of all, we want to bring a much wider collection. Next, we'll open our first flagship store in Amsterdam in September 2018 on the Haarlemmerdijk 41. After that, we will continue opening flagship stores in NL and slowly aim for other Europe capitals. We believe we must become an important brand in Europe which sells sustainable designer clothing, for an affordable price, produced in an ethical and sustainable way. 

List 3 of your favourite spots in Amsterdam?
Daan: For coffee and lunch I would recommend The Hoxton Hotel at the Herengracht (we’ve had a photo shoot here) and Coffee & Coconuts in the old film theatre in the Pijp. For clubbing The Chin Chin Club for a fun party night and The Shelter which is in the basement of the Adam Tower in North. The biggest DJ’s are playing here and the sounds system is the best. For dinner, I’d recommend Choux near Central Station and Caron in the Pijp.

Unrobe currently sells items across pop up stores and on their online platform. Go check it out. They show you where and by who their products are made. Sign up to their newsletter to stay up to date on future events.  

unrobe Amsterdam
unrobe Amsterdam
unrobe Amsterdam

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