Top Family Holiday Destinations in Greece

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Travelling with the family is never an easy task. There are many things to consider, so many things to foresee. So, choosing a place that can guarantee your family’s peace of mind while on holiday is pretty much priceless. In the quest of finding destinations and hotels that are suited to hosting families, we searched a few places throughout Greece and reveal the top four, 1 mainland and 3 island destinations that perfectly fit the family holiday prerequisites, thus guaranteeing the success of your vacation.  

Family moments in Porto Heli

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Porto Heli is a long-time favourite among Greeks as it is considered a resort town, just a few hours from Athens. Located on the western coast of Peloponnese’s first ‘leg’, easily accessible from Greece’s capital city. Overlooking the wonderful bay of Porto Heli, AKS Porto Heli Hotel is ideally suited to offering wonderful family holidays in the Peloponnese. The hotel’s services and facilities essentially revolve around kids, offering them daily activities and even evening entertainment at the open-air cinema. It is a 4* hotel with Kids club in Porto Heli, with an all-inclusive option filled with kid-friendly selections, so that you are sure your children will eat well, no fuss, no hassle. In terms of things to do, trained child care experts will be responsible for showing your children a most wonderful time, through a comprehensive and cheerful program designed just for them. The hotel’s facilities include a playground, a separate kids swimming pool plus a seawater park on the beach, which is likely to become your children’s most favourite place to play and have fun.

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Of course, with the kids being occupied for the most part of the day, that gives parents the much needed time to relax and spend quality moments together. They can plan a day excursion to neighbouring Spetses island (although this can also be done as a whole family), indulge in a massage, in a room or outdoors, and generally enjoy the facilities and services of the hotel and the surrounding town that has an unmistakable cosy feeling to it.


Child-friendly resort in idyllic Corfu

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Now, if you insist on an island we cannot argue. Especially if you have not been to Greece before, an island family holiday definitely sounds appealing. Corfu island is located in the stunning Ionian sea, on the western coast of Greece. Called the emerald lady of the Heptanese islands, it promises some stunning visuals and some wonderful shores upon one of which the Corfu family resort of Mayor Capo Di Corfu is located. A fully-fledged resort complex set amidst verdant and blooming gardens, the resort boasts the prime location of being on the certified blue flag beach of Agios Petros in Lefkimmi. There your children can enjoy the shallow, private sea undisturbed, leaving parents with ample leisure time to just chill on the sunbeds. A kids club, playground, designated swimming pool and some exciting water slides will keep children occupied for days. In addition, this seaside family resort in Corfu organises daily animation, pool and sports activities, including Olympic games activities and even disco and dance classes. For adults, there are many fitness programs to follow as well as a spa facility which parents can use to amplify their wellness levels. With a wonderful selection of maisonettes and suites, families can make use of their ground floor patios that open up to the gardens of the hotel resort, further enhancing the feeling of being at their own summer island home.      


Thassos accommodation for the whole family


Our off the beaten path, island recommendation for family holidays is the enchanting Thassos. A north Aegean island of unspoilt natural beauty is home to the natural lagoon pool of Giola that will impress both children and adults alike. Top beaches include the stunning Saliara or Marble beach and Paradise beach while beaches are not the only things to see and do in Thassos. Apart from spending wonderful family moments at the lush gardens of a villa situated in Thassos or soaking in the magnificent sea views from your balcony, families can also find a couple of enjoyable activities on the island. The geomorphology of Thassos lends itself to some really exciting outdoor activities. Trekking and hiking are popular as there are many trails that reveal the amazing landscapes that the island is blessed with. Yachting and sailing is also a great way to discover all the hidden coves that are not accessible otherwise. There are also plenty of things to see in Thassos but children will especially love a visit to the Donkey Sanctuary in Potamias village. It is a self-funded organisation caring for donkeys and other farm animals, fueled by the genuine love of the manager and by visitor’s contributions.  


Boutique family-friendly stay in picturesque Santorini

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Despite popular opinion, Santorini can be a wonderful family destination, provided you do your research first. Families should refrain from staying in the most popular, romantic location of Santorini, that of Oia. More suited to adults, the way Oia is built is not suitable for young children or for prams, pushchairs and baby carriers. If you wish to visit Santorini as a family you are better off choosing a central hotel with easy access, such as a family-friendly 4-star hotel in Fira with the largest pool in town. Especially for children, swimming in a pool is recommended as the beautiful, colourful beaches of Santorini are perhaps a bit challenging, due to having fairly deep waters. Staying centrally means you can explore the most vibrant part of the island with the most amenities, any time of day or night.


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As far as excursions go, a day trip to the picturesque village of Pyrgos will prove quite rewarding, provided your children are not too young and can be climb steps independently. It is one of the villages that is least exposed to tourists, therefore maintaining its authenticity. There you will find various Venetian castles, after all, Pyrgos means castle in Greek. For going up and down the Caldera, use the cable cars and not the donkeys that are overworked for the most part. The cable cars provide a different vantage point altogether and are considered safer than the exhausted donkeys. Last but not least, there is a small water park in the area of Perissa, where kids can spend the entire day frolicking while parents watch over from the comfort of their sunbed.  

This article has been produced in collaboration with Helen-Marie Joyce.   

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