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Holidays, in general, can tremendously benefit your mental wellbeing but combining them with treatments and therapies to soothe the body too, definitely amplifies this further. Our daily routine can often be stressful and take a physical toll on our health, whether even realising it. A little escape is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to reconnect and rekindle a sense of balance. Mind, body and soul can become aligned through specialist treatments that harness the powers of thermal water and extract the essence of pure ingredients. The body is relieved of tension that has accumulated gradually, day by day, while inner calm is achieved through zen-like surroundings, as the mind relaxes when taking in sublime vistas that are too magnificent to fathom. Here are three spectacular Greek hotels with spas that have all the criteria to make your wellness levels soar.

Thermal Springs Spa in Evia

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Built on a natural spring site, in Edipsos, Evia, Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel is a specialist in providing therapies that are powered by the bountiful benefits of thermal water. First a Spa and then a hotel, this place has a wide range of therapies including medical spa treatments to rectify various ailments, even rehabilitate from certain conditions. Apart from massages and beautifying sessions, here you can try mud baths, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, anti-stress and detoxification programmes, including weight loss. Simply soaking in the natural thermal pools is revitalising on its own. The water at Edipsos has been known to have healing properties that have been exalted since mythological times. Coupled with wonderful, luxurious rooms that exude a past sense of grandeur, guests can further enhance their wellness efforts by combining personalised nutrition plans for even greater results.

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort in Santorini

Wellness at Andronis Concept in Santorini

Situated on Santorini’s Imerovigli, the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort promises 5-star levels of wellness. Their Kallos Spa, that is the ancient Greek word for beauty, is the largest spa centre on Santorini island, and a haven of luxurious massages, body rituals and private yoga sessions. Massages are meticulously chosen to even include a specifically designed pregnancy massage that promises to alleviate the heavy, languid feeling of being with child. The spa facilities are exemplary, exuding an instant zen feeling that is unmistakable. Kallos Spa is open to both hotel guests and external visitors, by appointment, so everyone who visits Santorini has the opportunity to experience a satiating wellness journey into absolute tranquillity. Imerovigli is a lesser known location in Santorini, which means it is inherently quieter, while the luxurious suites and villas are the ideal accommodation choice for a stay that is the epitome of island-chic.

Sublime, authentic stone Spa in Mani

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Mani is a place that is like nowhere else in Greece. A place that has, in its majority, withstood the winds of change, becoming a paragon of Greek timelessness. Mani is a perfect destination for those seeking a retreat-like holiday in the Peloponnese, to a location that embraces you with its wilderness, its resilience and its rugged charm. The entire region of inner Mani is characterised by traditional, stone-built houses and Petra & Fos Boutique and Spa Hotel is no exception. In Inner Mani’s Itilo, overlooking a breathtaking gulf, this hotel cultivates an unprecedented feeling of awe that is almost overwhelming. The Ioni Spa of Petra & Fos is located underground, conveying a mystical feeling that will captivate visitors, further building upon the sense of serenity that the whole hotel exudes. Made entirely of stone too, Ioni Spa uses pure, natural products and treats guests at a personal level, providing them with an individual approach to pampering. Luxury here doesn’t consist of opulent elements, rather it is the simplicity of authenticity that wins guests over.

Cretan Spa indulgence in Elounda

Elounda Villa Crete Greece

Tucked away in one of Crete’s most charming locations, there is a boutique villa complex that offers its guests, both adults and families, with the luxury of tranquillity, privacy and impeccable services. It is not often you come across independent villa accommodation with hotel facilities. Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites, having received multiple hospitality awards, guarantees to elevate wellness levels through its Elixir Spa and its personalised attitude to treating guests. The Spa is set amidst the most picturesque surroundings, while this property also offers wonderful Spa pool villas in Crete treating guests within their private space too for the ultimate relaxing experience. More personalised services can further enhance wellness levels, such as private dining, childcare at their kid's club that will create some quality time to be had in between the pampering treatments to be enjoyed.

This article has been produced in collaboration with Helen-Marie Joyce. 

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