Greek Winter Escapes During Christmas Holidays

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Although a destination that is perhaps best known as a summer classic, Greece is equally quite a sensational winter destination too. A diverse country, it has much more to show for than a plethora of beautiful islands and innumerable striking beaches; a place whose inland scenery can be equally breathtaking, with many astonishing mountain vistas to be captivated by, some even combining sea and mountain views, in a single frame. Winter escapes to Greece during the festive holidays will reveal a brand new perspective, redefining Greece as a year-round holiday destination.

Rural tranquillity at luxury villas in Pelion, Thessaly

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Togetherness, quality time and cosy moments await guests that choose to embark on a self-catered Christmas holiday. Villas are best suited to larger groups of people, whether they be family or friends. Pelion is a an ideal location thanks to its mountainous region in Thessaly. As it combines both the mountains and the sea, it is popular among Greek locals and visitors. It still remains quite pristine as it is unspoilt from the mass tourism that you might find in other parts of Greece. Its bountiful slopes are often verdant, full of plane trees, oaks, while the woodlands reveal the paths on which the mythical centaurs were said to roam.

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Pelion is sparsely populated with quaint, traditional villages, one of which is Agios Georgios, where the rustically luxurious villas of Pelion Homes are located. Staying at one of the dreamy Pelion sea view villas will embrace guests with striking wintry nature vistas that will amplify a sense of tranquillity, day in and day out. Exceptional levels of hospitality surround guests with a familial kind of warmth, while personalised touches here and there make staying at these villas a true home away from home.

Byzantine enchantment at a mansion hotel in Monemvasia, Peloponnese

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Looking for a luxury winter stay? Monemvasia is right on the eastern edge of the Peloponnese, connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway. This island-like fortified town is enclosed in walls that harbour many Byzantine remnants from the medieval times. Especially enchanting during winter, Monemvasia exudes a sense of timelessness, and the stone structured buildings instil a raw sense of awe for visitors who contemplate their age and the stories that lie beneath. Within less than 10 minutes away, basking in splendid views of Monemvasia town, the enchanting Kinsterna Hotel promises guests a holiday filled with splendour in its Byzantine mansion premises.


An emblematic, restored building that bridges ancient and recent history, this hotel offers luxurious accommodation to couples or families, paired with a sense of fairy-tale wonderment. The estate and its grounds are magical, having been restored to their former glory days, guests here can fully relax enjoying the services and experiences that are part of Kinsterna’s hospitality. Soothing spa treatments, delectable gastronomy and seasonal activities that involve the surrounding area will enhance wellness levels, both physically and mentally while taking in the amazing winter wonderland landscape that appears to be in absolute harmony with the beautiful mansion hotel.

  This article has been produced in collaboration with Helen-Marie Joyce.

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