Miraggio Spa Resort

As a recent revelation in the quest for wellness, a new stunning development has been added to the world of thermal spas. Cutting edge design, state-of-the-art technologies, and lavish facilities, combined with a phenomenal location that offers immaculate views of a sky meet sea horizon, make the Miraggio the newest mirage of wellness tourism in Kassandra, Halkidiki.   

The Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is set in an idyllic environment, on the peninsula’s gorgeous waterfront, built on soil that has ancient mythology running through it, and olive trees that have been standing there for nearly 800 years. The natural beauty of Halkidiki has been optimized with the sophisticated and luxurious layout of this resort. Counting 300 rooms, 48 of those have a private pool in which the distinguished guests can fully and privately enjoy the benefits of secluded infinity pools that relax mind and body. The Deluxe Duplex Suite Private Pool is the most luxe category of room types with 90m2 of space. Yet it is a resort that allows you benefit from its common areas, regardless your room type. For example, the Miraggio’s facilities provide for immersed sunbeds by which you can achieve wellness in two counts by sunbathing underwater.

Moreover, there are three stunning adult swimming pools, plus one dedicated to kids, in addition to the spectacular Thermal Spa that is committed to helping guests achieve their personal wellness goals. If Miraggio is guests’ safe haven of wellness, then the Myrthia Spa is guests’ sanctuary of wellness. The Myrthia Thermal Spa has three ways by which guests can fulfill their wellness needs. Spa experiences that have a strong orientation into thalassotherapy that naturally corrects the flow of energy within your body; Therapies or treatments that have to do with professional massages and scrubs nourishing the body from the skin down; Fitness & Motion sessions that take care of the physical exercise part of wellness, with a holistic approach.

Additional top-notch facilities for guests to enjoy during their stay are the KIDS Planet services by an external expert provider that will educationally entertain guests’ children and the all new, cosmopolitan marina of Miraggio that adds a cosmopolitan air not only to the resort but also to the greater region. The marina serves the guests of the hotel who have arrived by yacht and superyacht, yet it also opens up the opportunity for non-staying guests who can access the Miraggio via sea, and enjoy a dining or spa experience upon request.

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

Address: Kanistro, Paliouri, 
Halkidiki 63085 Greece

Tel: (+30) 2374 440000


Style: State-of-the-art spa centre  

Rooms: 300 rooms  

WIFI: Free

Airport: Thessaloniki International

Breakfast: Yes