Ecomama Hotel


Times are changing as urban cultures are learning to go greener and leaner, pledging to make more of a positive impact on the planet. Ecomama, in the centre of Amsterdam has set new standards for green travel with their ecological philosophy since their opening in April 2014. This place is conscious connectedness made fun and easy, with a hint of design and modern comforts.

Sustainable living means subsisting a lifestyle that uses as few resources as possible and causes the least amount of environmental damage. The dynamic of the eco-design hostel makes it easy to share with other guests about their future dreamscapes in the large communal area, big kitchen or in the teepee tent. There are 7 different types of rooms tailored to match the individual's needs. Apart from a water saving system, green roof and cradle to cradle building materials, recycled materials are used for unique design futures and corkscrews. The premises is allergy free as the cleaners only use natural, eco-friendly products. Natural stone heating is used as well as organic cotton and green laundry. Ecomama Hotel goes out of their way to work with only family owned and local based suppliers, a means to give back to the residents. 

For Anika Jacobs, a young female entrepreneur in her 20's, Ecomama is her second hotel in Amsterdam. Having travelled the world for studies, working at hostels and touring with international bands, she knows what it takes to give guests an extraordinary experience. “It is all about bringing people together. And we are all responsible for the footprints we leave. Luckily, it ain’t no rocket science! Just reach out to the person next to you, connect and make small steps to living a more sustainable life.”

Ecomama Hotel  

Address: Valkenburgerstraat 124, 1011 NA Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel: (+31) 207 70 95 29

Style: Green quirky and design hostel

Rooms: 19 individually-designed 

WIFI: Free

Airport: Schiphol Amsterdam 

Breakfast: Yes incl. with booking