Top 5 Things to Do in Taormina, Sicily

Teatro Greco Taormina

Balancing on the forefront of a mountain lies Taormina, a populace touristic town high above sea level. The location is splendid for commuting to nearby Messina and Catania, with the winds blowing east to mainland Italy. The lavish flora and fauna restores the natural elements best enjoyed in this town, with rare climate changes almost year round and enough monuments to keep travellers on the tip of their toes. The above picture is the Greek amphitheatre (teatro Greco), with Mount Etna in the misty background and a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and nearby towns.

All of Italy is historically rich, but Sicily stands out well and beyond because of its Greek past. A Greek civilization tour in Taormina makes the top of the list for things to do in Taormina. The town is a great starting point before heading to some of the ruins along the coast and visiting the archaeological park in Siracuse where old homes and temples are still standing brave.

Numerous events are celebrated every year especially in the summer months. The Taormina Arte, the cultural institution that hosts the music festivals, theatre and exhibitions is considered among the most important on the national scene. Part of the Taormina Arte programming is the functioning of the Taormina Film Festival (Festival of Cinema in Taormina). Broadcasters are often lined up in the scenario filming the concerts, operas and other great evenings of entertainments with many of the transmissions celebrated on the Greek amphitheatre.

An additional charm much loved about Taormina is the neighbouring miniature island of Isola Bella, situated in a small bay on the coast just below the town. The island is connected to the mainland by a small and narrow path that depending on the tide may be submerged. Isola Bella is open for free access and home to numerous species of birds and lizards.

Shop until you drop on the pedestrian street of the Corso Umberto. High end shops, gelatos made in traditional ways, luxury jewelry stores and a lot of souvenirs can be bought in the buzzing street. Sun and fun was had and the lively atmosphere gets larger as the sun sets. Strolling through the Corso Umberto we came across the Piazza IX Aprile with the beautiful Church of St. Joseph. At the western end of the piazza is the Porta Di Mezza, which introduced us into the oldest part of town.

We find the food scene in general very entertaining, therefore we indulged in new food experiences whilst in Taormina. The hotel we stayed in, Hotel Villa Carlotta Taormina, has a very intriguing restaurant offering succulent seafood, a range of pasta dishes and other Sicilian specialties in which we highly recommend. If you aren't staying in their hotel, you will sadly be missing out on the best buffet breakfast in this side of the world. We were genuinely invited to eat at San Domenico Palace Hotel's very own Les Bougainvill√©es Restaurant. We dined in style in the historical atmosphere of the monastery's former refectory and had the spectacular tasting menu. Curb your sweet tooth at Bam Bar, which makes Sicily's tastiest granita in flavours depending on the time of the year. We had an addictive pistachio granita! 

We definitely rank Taormina high on the places to visit in Taormina. There is so much to offer in such a charming, little place on the mountain rif. If you want to indulge more in the Sicilian way of life, be sure to book a tour with Don Saro from Personal Guide Sicily.

Taormina Sicily
Taormina Sicily
Taormina Sicily
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