Top Reasons to Visit Greece


Are you thinking about what experiences and/or activities are an absolute must-do while holidaying in the sun-glazed, Mediterranean country? Greece is a diverse place, offering its visitors a number of experiences that will effortlessly immerse them into the most quintessential elements of this extraordinary country. Greece is a great destination for a holiday, with the country boasting striking and iconic backdrops, incredible flavours and cultural wealth and history that staggers the minds of many. If this is your notion of holidays, then here are the top experiences in Greece that will elevate your vacation to a priceless pastime.



Greek cuisine is renowned throughout the world. The ultimate paragon of the nutritional Mediterranean diet, Greek cooking is wholesome, comforting and utterly mouthwatering. Although the cuisine has many dishes involving different types of meat, there are equally as many vegetarian options, that may be eaten as a main course and not just as a meat accompaniment. This means everyone can eat well in Greece. There are some recipes that can be found throughout Greece, while others are more local as it is not atypical for each island and regional unit to have their own unique gastronomic tendencies. Cretan cuisine is very highly regarded by Greeks, so it is a must try.

Choose a Cretan destination that is slightly off the beaten track so you can indulge in some truly tranquil moments, staring at immaculate panoramic vistas. Elounda is one of those places, where you can find your retreat in one of the villas and suites in Elounda’s top luxury accommodation complex. As Greece also has a huge winemaking tradition, wine tasting can be arranged, bringing you the best of local wines as well other famous wine varieties of Greece. A notable Cretan wine variety is Vidiano, so be sure to ask to taste it while in Crete.



The amazing climate that Greece experiences mostly all year round, the mild winters and warm summers make spending time outdoors almost imperative. The fact that it has an extensive shoreline allows for many pleasant excursions coast to coast, and island to island. The Aegean sea is visitors’ ‘fluid’ playground; with an 8 month sailing season from March to November, the most adventurous can benefit greatly from a couple of days at sea. Even if you do decide to visit a specific place, an island, for instance, let’s say Santorini, be sure to take an island tour by sea. There are so many secret spots that can only be reached via sailing boat, numerous hidden coves and inlets that reveal beaches you never knew existed, and anchoring points that offer you unique vantage points, full of immaculate natural beauty. For those who appreciate the luxury of simplicity, Santorini yacht cruises will make you feel like the most privileged persons in the world. Choosing a professional sailing company with experienced skippers will ensure smooth sailing as much as possible, making sailing one of the most priceless of top experiences in Greece.



Exploring the vast cultural heritage of Greece will cultivate feelings of awe, of astonishment, of reverence even. Bearing centuries worth of history on its shoulders, visitors of Greece should not miss the chance to get to grips with as much of its heritage as possible. After all, it is there where the fundamentals of modern day democracy were built. Apart from Athens, that has a high concentration of landmarks to discover in a single city, Greece has countless places that are highly significant for their contribution to Greek, perhaps even world, culture. There is actually so much to cover, that combining two elements in one may actually be the most efficient way to explore both scenic beauty and cultural wealth. Choose a Greek cruise with cultural excursions that will take you to around the most important ancient sites of the Peloponnese, such as Epidaurus, Mycenae, and Monemvasia among others.

This article has been produced in collaboration with Helen-Marie Joyce.

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