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Cooking School and Cafe in Fez

Café Clock in Fez, Morocco has been setting the scene for the ancient city ever since its opening a few years ago. It's a three floor restored townhouse (250 years old) with funky aspects, including gems picked up from souks that make this place unique. Moroccan hip hop followed by belly dancing grooves, free wi-fi access and the much talked about camel burgers from head chef Tariq Taza, gives this culture hub all the hype it deserves.

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72hrs in Fez

Why choose Fez over Marrakech and other bigger cities in Morocco? Fez (Fes) is famous for its ancient walled city, which many compare to the old walled city of Jerusalem. It is the first of the imperial cities of Morocco, as it dates back to the eighth century. The city is also a pioneer within the Muslim cult and has one of the oldest universities in the world. All these firsts make Fez particularly attractive with a lively and influential culture. 

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The Ruined Garden - Fez, Morocco

The medina in Fez, Morocco gave us some of the most peculiar yet delicious flavours ever experienced, and definitely exceeding all of our expectations. The rich, authentic Moroccan recipes mixed with new found ways of cooking are really buzzing in the backstreets of the ancient city. An elderly man from The Ruined Garden picked us up from Dar Roumana and lead us through the closing walls of the city.

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