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Ma Khin Café - Valencia

Ma Khin Café has a modern, open, bright and warm design that invites guests to travel through a whirlpool of different cultures. Chef and owner Steve Anderson is the inspiration behind the café, which is one of Valencia's trendiest restaurants. This is a food haven that takes the name of Anderson's great grandmother, an enterprising woman and a brilliant cook whose history has changed the city's food scene.

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Valencia street art

Deep in some of the narrow streets of neighbourhoods like El Carmen, Cabanyal, El Pilar, Patraix and Ruzafa, among many others, you can find dozens of walls serenaded with emblematic art and modern style graffiti. Artists like Escif, Hyuro and Vinz are advocates to this form of art in Valencia, having echoed their works on torn-down buildings and lone walls. While some graffiti are thought-provoking provocations, others can be arguably visual cues and symbols that reflect the modern era we live in. It would be a shame to not pack an extra fully charged battery whilst in Valencia, Spain.

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72hrs in Valencia

Valencia is one of the liveliest and largest cities in Spain. It is located smack right in the middle of the country's eastern coastline almost in line with the Balearic Islands. The beaches are stunning beautiful, the buzzing lifestyle of the locals is inspiring, and the splendid nightlife is full of the funnest parties. Together with an ample cultural offer, the city has so much to cater for the traveller. 

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Valencia - The City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia, Spain offered us more than we had ever imagined. Its balance between rural tourism, beach, partying and science is amazing. If you head that way make sure you see the ever-impressive architectural space surrounded by the Palace of Arts (Opera), Prince Felipe Science Museum, the Hemisféric (IMAX), a shaded terraced garden (Umbracle), the famous aquarium of Valencia (Oceanográfic) and the Ágora. The striking architecture was designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, two distinguished individuals with a broad view for connecting design and construction of buildings. They have done an excellent job of designed this entertainment...

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