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Destination Dreaming 2019

As the year draws to a close the new year means one main thing…planning! What didn’t you get to do that you really wanted to? Where would you like to visit next? What kind of experience are you keen to have in 2019? We’ve adopted a more “slow” approach to travel, allowing us to fully immerse wherever we are staying and most importantly, connect with locals.

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Ballarò Street Market - Palermo

The Ballarò street market in Palermo, Sicily is one of the most entertaining of its kind in the whole of Europe. This market combines two Italian greats, food and clothes. Primarily a food market, the Ballarò market is a street eaters delight. It is also home to large numbers of discount clothes sellers, making vintage clothes shopping easy and finding Italian fashions cheaply possible. Look for its vendors in the streets around the Piazza Carmine. Search around for good finds while having your eyes on their street food. We tried the typical Palermitan sandwich with pannelle, chick-pea fritters – with a bit of lemon they are delicious!

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Excavations - Giardini Naxos, Sicily

Giardini Naxos is a crowd-pleasing town at the foot bed of Taormina, on the north-eastern coast of Sicily. It is a very popular resort for both national and international tourists alike, attracting an important number of people for both its culture and beaches. The word Giardini is from 'gardens', named after the citrus groves in the region. The famous museum and excavations of ancient Naxos are not to be overlooked, as they have an interesting cultural impact on this side of the island.

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72hrs in Palermo

Much of what we have learned in Palermo was thanks to our outlandish tour guide Don Saro from Personal Guide Sicily. The historical nature of this city is so intense that tagging a private guide along with us was quite a lifesaver. Many coincidences in history has made Palermo what it is today. The earliest known Sicilians (8,000 BC) marked down by a race of people known as the Sicani can be witnessed from their art decorates inside the cave walls in Adduara, just outside Palermo city. All across the city you can find clues of the different past times that...

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Top 5 Things to Do in Taormina, Sicily

Balancing on the forefront of a mountain lies Taormina, a populace touristic town high above sea level. The location is splendid for commuting to nearby Messina and Catania, with the winds blowing east to mainland Italy. The lavish flora and fauna restores the natural elements best enjoyed in this town, with rare climate changes almost year round and enough monuments to keep travellers on the tip of their toes. 

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