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Greek Hotels with the Best Dining Views

Exceptional travel experiences consist of a number of factors. However, there are certain things that can instantly elevate the hospitality bar when it comes to hotels. One is quality gastronomy at your hotel of choice, so you have the option of sampling the local flavours of your chosen destination with a a bit of a signature twist. What’s more, when hotel dining venues come with phenomenal views, dining becomes a truly extraordinary experience, to indulge taste and sight simultaneously, resulting in a irrevocable feast for your palate and your eyes.

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Astarte + Art Maisons Santorini

Summers in Santorini will never go out of style for some very simple, yet fundamental reasons: striking natural beauty, a cosmopolitan aura and an ancient past. These allow for a myriad of possibilities in terms of activities and experiences, enhancing visitors’ stay who will return time and time again.

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Spending 3 days in Santorini's Centre Fira

Santorini island is no stranger to visitors from all over the world, and although it is renowned for the breathtaking sunsets of the area of Oia, there is a more humble side to this global extravagant attraction. You can avoid the unnecessary crowds and queues in Oia by staying in the centre, Fira, at the beautiful Kalisti Hotel & Suites, where you feel the true pulse of Santorini. Let us take you on 3 days' less-known journey around Santorini’s centre, and get to see Fira from the eyes of a local. 

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