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LX Factory - Lisbon

Lisbon's architectural eclecticism and capacity to bridge the gap between the traditional with modernity has made the city, without a doubt, one of the most attractive European destinations for the past decade. LX Factory is an addition to the wide range of cool initiatives; where upcoming local makers open their shops, great bars and restaurants have become a regular meeting point and a diverse cultural agenda attract both locals and tourists alike.   

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The MAAT in Lisbon

The new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) opened its doors to the public in Lisbon, in October 2016. The unique building also functions as a mirador on the banks of the Tagus with the aspiration of becoming a European reference for contemporary art. The museum was officially inaugurated one day before its opening by the main authorities, including Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and the first Minister, António Costa.

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Embaixada - Lisbon's concept store

The iconic Ribeiro da Cunha Palace has been given a hip upsurge with a shopping gallery in the Principe Real neighbourhood. This XIX century new-Arabian Palace hosts some of the most innovative Portuguese design, craftsmanship, fashion, and gastronomic spots, in addition to being a genuine culture hub to all things Portuguese. The blending of history with the trendy gives this architectural gem the attention that it deserves, providing an exceptional experience for both locals and visitors alike.

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A Cevicheria - Chef Kiko Martins

Beyond the sloping streets and hierarchical scheme of roads and lanes that leads you to the Príncipe Real neighbourhood, sits the Peruvian-energised restaurant A Cevicheria. Here you can learn to savour new flavours, with Peru's mouthwatering cured-fish ceviches, squid ink mashed-potatoes and vinegarish freshly prepared dishes to crave for. The playful atmosphere, friendly service and giant sponge-filled octopus above your head will keep you entertained. 

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Chapitô à mesa - Panoramic Lisbon

Chapitô à mesa (meaning Chapito The Table) is probably the most dynamic and vigorous project in the Alfama neighbourhood in Lisbon. The restaurant is part of the famous circus arts school Chapitô, notably known for its firm culture, educational activities and social aspects. This is a place that sparks curiosity, unmatched views, vibrant ambiance and great food!

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72hrs in Lisbon

Lisbon is the western-most European city and is the hub of multifaceted areas that appeals to different arts, senses, cultures and tastes. This is one of the coolest capitals, where every time you go back you can be sure to find something new. Every year the team at T&L venture off to discover different parts of Portugal, but Lisbon always squeezes itself into our itineraries. Our first impression of Portugal was in this very city, as is the last in 2016. We  preferably based ourselves in the Bairro Alto district for its progressive bohemia, beautiful architecture and stunning night life.

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Conserveira de Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon seduces us over and over again with the gastronomy, hospitality and eclectic design elements across the city, bridging the gap between the traditional, with the modern day era. All of these elements can be found under one roof at the family owned business Conserveira de Lisboa (a shop specialised in canned fish). Gobble, nibble or nosh on a ration of fish, the qualitative conservation of the product can be enjoyed for many occasions.  

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