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A Cevicheria - Chef Kiko Martins

Beyond the sloping streets and hierarchical scheme of roads and lanes that leads you to the Príncipe Real neighbourhood, sits the Peruvian-energised restaurant A Cevicheria. Here you can learn to savour new flavours, with Peru's mouthwatering cured-fish ceviches, squid ink mashed-potatoes and vinegarish freshly prepared dishes to crave for. The playful atmosphere, friendly service and giant sponge-filled octopus above your head will keep you entertained. 

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Nº 197 Chiswick Fire Station - London

Something independently new opened in April of this year in the west side of London, stemming from the minds behind No. 11 Pimlico Rd in what has been Chiswick's sidelined red brick fire station. The former home of the local fire brigade has maintained its fire station features on the outside, with a hip interior that is closer to what you can find in Los Angeles, California than you perhaps would in London.

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The Ruined Garden - Fez, Morocco

The medina in Fez, Morocco gave us some of the most peculiar yet delicious flavours ever experienced, and definitely exceeding all of our expectations. The rich, authentic Moroccan recipes mixed with new found ways of cooking are really buzzing in the backstreets of the ancient city. An elderly man from The Ruined Garden picked us up from Dar Roumana and lead us through the closing walls of the city.

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