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JK Place Firenze - Florence

Sunday's Brunch culture has taken a new twist with JK Place's sophisticated display. They offer a distinguished Florentine and American buffet as well as JK Place's vegan delicacies. A selection of top Tuscan cheeses and freshly hand picked seasonal organic fruits are on display like you are being treated for your birthday. Organic cakes, excellent wine pairings and the extra flamboyant of waiters will have you frequent here if you only lived in Florence. The entrance to JK Place Firenze is on a low-key corner of Piazza Santa Maria Novella

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Le Bistrot in Villa Cora - Florence

The day we headed to Le Bistrot it was raining, naturally. Not only that but there was a strike with the taxis, so we had to walk in the rain for our lunch appointment. When we finally arrived at Villa Cora, where Le Bistrot is housed, our grumbles and annoyance soon subsided. The venue itself is simply breathtaking and when we had to walk through the majestic building and through an underground tunnel (dimly lit and walls adorned with treasures), we knew that we were in for something special.

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