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Imagine epic landscapes that send shivers down your spine; experience riveting scenics that you may have seen on documentaries, now coming alive! Dare to fathom a mythological cosmology of nine worlds; sense the palpability of myths centering around barbaric Vikings slaying giants, trolls, sea monsters and other bestial creatures. Envision a fascination like never before; expect the unexpected, and enter a world like no other. How? By visiting Iceland next summer, the legendary place “where the midnight sun and the hot springs flow.”

As Iceland is perhaps a destination that may not be on your summer holiday bucket list, here are some reasons why it should be.

Incredible landscapes & unusual wildlife

Discover the land of ice and fire, caught between glaciers and geysers, in an intriguing volcanic landscape full of dazzling contradictions. From strange rock formations and plunging waterfalls, to ice cold rivers and glassy lakes; and from lush, green pastures and scalding lava fields to underwater mountains and boiling thermal springs. Iceland has some seriously dramatic scenics, occurring naturally almost everywhere you look. From shores to valleys and icy mountain peaks, Iceland offers fresh perspectives that will create the holiday experience of a lifetime. In Iceland you can encounter wildlife from the greatest depths of the North Atlantic ocean. The endemic species will appear before your very eyes, leaving you speechless in most cases. 

Best place for animal sightings? 

Husavik is a port on the north side of Iceland and is considered a hub for onward experience seeking. Sailing out from Husavik’s coast, whale and sea mammals sightings are very common. There are numerous types of whales to identify. Namely: humpback, minke, fin, sperm, orca and the massive blue whales, as well as white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises. And, not forgetting the little Atlantic Puffins, these underwater fliers are surprisingly small; they have an entire island dedicated to themselves that can be reached at a relatively short distance away from Husavik’s shore.
Random fact: Usually, Puffins spend most of their lives at sea, and so spring and summer are the best months to visit. Due to it being their mating season, this is your chance to see them on land! (17).jpg

Epic natural wonders

Experience phenomenal beauty that will leave you ‘nature-struck’, with numerous locations promising visuals of natural epicness all around Iceland’s lacey shore. However, no visit to the land of ice and fire is complete without experiencing the magic of the following places, with the quaint northern port town of Akureyri as your base. Head to Godafoss by taking the ring road from Akureyri, you can visit the Falls of the Gods as they are referred to in English. An epic waterfall reminiscent of a small version of the Niagara Falls. The Akranes closest to Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, is Europe’s most powerful thermal spring, Deildartunguhver. Heimaey Island, referred to as the Pompeii of the North, just off the southern coast of Iceland is the Heimaey island that has survived total destruction by ash and lava, following a volcanic explosion in 1973. Don’t miss the chance to explore the interesting landscape that the eruption left in its wake. (15).jpg

Other must see landmark sites

Iceland’s state faith is Evangelical Lutheran in majority and this has brought about a few stunning churches that are worth checking out. In the quaint town of Akureyri, visit the imposing Akureyrarkirkja church with a 3200 pipe organ, and a suspended ship hanging from its ceiling. In the centrum of the same town, you’ll also find a an oasis of flowers in the stunning arctic botanical garden that is both an initiative and accomplishment of local women. (13).jpg

However, you shouldn’t miss visiting the capital city, Reykjavik, for some concentrated Icelandic culture. The striking Hallgrimskirkja church is actually built by the same architect as the former one in Akureyri, in a similar yet different style and a very tall tower. Other places of interest are definitely the iconic Harpa Opera House located just by the water; the futuristic globe shaped structure of The Pearl that houses a saga museum with figurines and a revolving restaurant offering panoramic views of the city. Last but not least, the Whales of Iceland exhibition museum in Reykjavik’s old harbour boasts the largest exhibit of its kind in Europe, with life size whale models. 

Hallgrimskirkja church in Reykjavik.

Hallgrimskirkja church in Reykjavik.

Get ahead of summer, and trade your tan for epic memories…

Visiting Iceland is truly a groundbreaking summer travel experience; its wonderful sites and splendid visuals are best seen during spring and summer months, when the temperatures are in their… warmest season. If you don’t mind trading your swimsuit and tan lines for epic vistas and visuals that will fill your head enough to last a lifetime, then you should strongly consider visiting Iceland next summer. Get to see the best of Iceland by trusting in the world’s best boutique cruise liner, Variety Cruises. This way you combine accommodation and excursions with ease, comfort and style. 

Thermal baths can be found in different points of Iceland. Some of our recommendations are the Nauthhólsvík  Geothermal  Beach, Reykjavík. Laugardalslaug, Arðböðinn Nature Baths, and Blue Lagoon.

Thermal baths can be found in different points of Iceland. Some of our recommendations are the Nauthhólsvík Geothermal Beach, Reykjavík. Laugardalslaug, Arðböðinn Nature Baths, and Blue Lagoon.

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