Sidi Chahed dam reservoir in Morocco

Sidi Chahed

The Sidi Chahed dam reservoir was built in the 1990's, in the El Kalaa Zerhoun region in Northern Morocco. It is situated 30 kms from the cities of Fez and Meknes. Our private tour guide Plan-It Morocco decided it was a good idea that we took in the glimpse of this picturesque site and had the chance to stretch our legs before continuing our day tour. This massive dam can supply over 30 million gallons (170 million m3) of backup tap water to the city of Meknes, and irrigation for about 90 farming communities. Although almost entirely unknown to Moroccans, you can see the importance this has for the surrounding communities. 

Located downstream of the Mikkes and Lmaleh rivers, it can be found on the main road between Fez and Sidi Kacem. It was commissioned in 1997 and has been of a significant importance since its functioning.

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