The Paris Popup

The Paris Pop-up

The Paris Popup trio are back at it again with their 'Chef in Residence' initiative at the boutique luxury Grand Hotel Nord Pinus Place du Forum, in the heart of Arles, France. Harry Cummins, Laura Vidal and Julia Mitton will be cooking up seasonal menus from locally sourced ingredients paired up with the finest wines in the country. The team will offer fixed priced menus and a selection of small plates at the Place du Forum restaurant adjoining the hotel.

Harry (former head chef of Frenchie in Paris) will prepare a largely local inspired way of cooking with homemade products like bread, cold cuts, terrines, and pickles as well as some BBQ dishes. Ex-bartender of the Candelaria and Entrée des Artistes, Dimitry St. Louis will have his hands full serving cocktails. Laura will be cracking open wine bottles and serving tables for lunch and dinner. 

The restaurant has a spacious bar area (20 seats) and a stunning outdoor terrace (50+ seats) with trees serenading the street. This temporary residence will begin from April 27 and end on September 29, so be sure to reserve with enough time as the ephemeral team (award for Best Pop-up Fooding 2016) have been catching airwaves since 2013. Prices will range between 32€ and 36€ with the opening days being Wednesday to Sunday for dinner from 19:00h to 23:00h and lunch from Thursday to Sunday 12:30h to 15:00h. To make reservations, you can either call directly Tlf. +33 (0)7 62 23 46 43 or email  

The pop-up dinner concept was inspired by one of Harry's travels to London and with that thanks to the generosity and willingness of fellow Parisian chefs/restaurant owners/friends, they were able to use some of these empty spaces on their closing days and take over temporarily. The brave initiative had a brilliant response and so they took their success overseas and were welcomed in Montreal, New York, Fez, Kyoto, Quebec, Cádiz, Barcelona and many more cities, giving the people what they have long been waiting for, worldly-inspired food supporting the local eco-system.

Harry will be working with his magic hands as Laura cracks open wine bottles at your service. Have a blast and spend time in one of Provence's most beautiful cities, and the center of the Camargue on the Rhone!


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The Paris Popup
The Paris Popup
The Paris Popup
The Paris Popup

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