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The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca (Majorca) in Spain is all about magnificent blue hues, golden sun rays, excellent food and remote areas to bask in the Mediterranean sun. With beaches such as Alcúdia and Pollença at the northeastern peak of the island being reminiscent of the Caribbean; sandy dunes lilted with beach bars, blue skies, shallow waters and the most idyllic backdrop ever makes this island one of our favourites ever visited.

For those that need a single city that is inclusive of all of the fine elements of island living with the convenience that cities offer you, the city of Palma has everything that you have been wanting. Though rather busy with tourists in the summer months (we recommend visiting Palma late September to November and then January to June to avoid the mass tourism in the city.

The Sa Gerreria district area of Palma in historic times, was very much a medieval Arabic souk, with early originated trades sprouting in every street. In present time, this area has become a brilliant location to get locally sourced products and a genuine feel for local life. Almost adjoining the Plaça d'En Col you can easily spot Mimbrería Vidal, a well-known company created in 1955. For three generations they have been commercialising baskets, palm heart baskets, hats, customs curtains, grid chairs and other local gems that are handcrafted in villages around Palma. The crafts sector accredits them as leaders in the trade, with much-renowned respect.

On the street C/ de la Corderia nº 24 quirky Quina Creu Tapas & Restaurant is serenaded with saucy films projected on a big screen, has an elongated old-man's looking bar and offers a different style of presentation when it comes to the food. Only open in the  afternoons until late at night, expect a vibrant crowd in a dim lit setting. There is a more genuine style of tapas bar on the same street called Ca La Seu. There is an old rustic feel to the place as it is over 500 years old, with its past life being a basket shop, until a few years ago the family that owned it sold it to Malachy Kerrigan and Caroline Peronneau who both upsold the roots and decor of its originality, only to integrate it to present times. For your morning fix, this neighbourhood houses the breakfast champs Ca'n Joan De s'Aigo, This is the oldest cafe in the city, with two locations: the most whimsical being at Sans Street, as it takes you back to the 17th century and the newer location on Baró de Sta. Mª del Sepulcre Street, both having traditional sweets such as the ensaïmada, chocolate, coques (Mallorquin pizzas) etc.

If you want to visit the 7th heaven, we would easily recommend staying at Súmmum Prime Boutique Hotel for their strategic location and superb hospitality. Only an arm's length away from hip trending La Molienda brunch giant and new gourmet dinner instalment Fera Palma, you will be surrounded by both ingenuity and the conventional. Quality baker-awarded Tomeu Arbona has a little bakery called Fornet de la Soca on Carrer de Sant Jaume nº 23. Here you can find his wife María José serving ensaïmadas, cuartos (local sponge cakes), bread, biscuits and more. They work solely with ecological products, which has given them the award for best bread in the whole of Spain! We have also come across a cute little shoe shop that goes by the name of Alpargateria La Concepción on Carrer de la Concepció nº 17. Here you can pick up artisan and price-worthy sandals from Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. They are also proud of the fact that the royal family in Spain actually buys from them preferably in the island. 

Walking through the street Costa d’en Brossa, you will come across the alma mater of Bazaar Palma, Mila Lázaro. Hand-picked items on display include scented candles, selective textiles, carefully crafted kitchenwares and other finds that can redefine your home. On the street Sant Feliu nº 17 you can find our favourite Viveca Palma. This garage turned shop has worldly finds such as vases bought in the Moroccan Atlas with bamboo lamps, cushions made with African Masai tribe fabrics, Nordic furniture from the 30s to the 60s, iconic Wegner chairs, French garden tables and more. For a more vintage look, we recommend visiting Frida Watson in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood. They have carefully selected vintage stock from the 1950s, 60s and 70s such as tables, hand-sewn cushions and ceramics.

Below you can view a summarised list of places we recommend and been to in Palma de Mallorca. Don´t forget to look us up on Instagram for our frequent visits to the island using hashtag #tandlmallorca.


La Rosa Vermutería
Forn de Sant Joan
Can Cera Gastro Bar
De Tokio A Lima
Tomeu Restaurant
Fulla d'Ostra


La Molienda
Simply Delicious
Gran Café Cappuccino
Harvest Cuina
Xurreria Rosaleda
Café Botiga Es Pes de Sa Palla
La Despensa del Barón

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