Chefs in Residence goes to Nomad in Marrakech

Nomad Marrakech

In February we had the privilege to experience a Pop Up Chefs dining practice in NUR Restaurant, a hip food haven situated in the serpentine Medina of Fez, Morocco. The Pop Up Chefs or Chefs in Residence experience is a holistic project that gives in-coming chefs the opportunity to work with Morocco’s extraordinary produce, herbs and spices whilst interacting with conventional cooks, farmers and producers. It is a win-win for everyone participating and is working really well in Morocco as it is in Spain, France, UK and different parts of the world. The Chefs in Residence programme at Restaurant Numero 7 initiative was started by food writer Tara Stevens and the owner and designer of the restaurant, Stephen di Renza in June 2014. 

Now, the initiative goes to Marrakech in collaboration with Kamal Laftimi and Sebastian de Gzell of the highly successful Nomad restaurant, which was designed by interior architect Romain Menier as a re-imagining of the spirit of Morocco in the 1950s and early 60s. 

Mark your calendars as this enterprise will launch on May 16th and continue until May 21st from 19:00h. The first group of chefs to open at Nomad will be none other than the Paris Pop Up, a trio of talented food professionals that worked up the hype in Restaurant Numero 7 in Fez. Their focus will be similar to their magic executed in Fez, but this time around they will be using the local, seasonal ingredients sourced in Marrakech. Expect dishes like rack of lamb rubbed in ras al hanout and baked over bay leaves or a dessert of bergamot curd, meringue and ash! As the Paris Pop Up create new inspirational dishes from the goods of local markets in Marrakech, Restaurant Nomad will continue to hold the same opening hours as normal.

“Our pop-up in Fez was one of our favourites because we got as close to the product as you can get: animals, growers, suppliers,” say Vidal and Cummins. “We also got quite creative, making our own vermouth, bread and spicy butters. If Fez is the most authentic medina in the country, Marrakech is the one of fantasy and we are curious to see what it has in store for us. We can't wait to explore local farmers markets, breeders and foragers and get inspired by what they offer.”  

The Paris Pop Up will offer the same, four-course menu at 355 dirhams (about €35) not including service or beverages for the duration. The pop-up marks the start of an ongoing collaboration between Nomad and Chefs in Residence, Fez.

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Opening Hours - Mon - Sun 11:00 - 21:00
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Nomad Marrakech
Nomad Marrakech
Nomad Marrakech
Nomad Marrakech

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