Exotic Honeymoon Destinations with Variety Cruises


There is no better way to start your new married life than to embark on an exotic honeymoon cruise just to relax after a rigorous period of wedding planning. The Caribbean coastline has always been the honeymoon location of choice for thousands of couples over the years. With its expansive clean waters, sandy beaches and palm trees that make it appear as the ultimate romantic getaway, the Caribbean is always the best idea for a well-planned honeymoon cruise. With multiple service providers, Variety Cruises stands as one of the best and award winning honeymoon organisers with unique packages to offer. 

The exotic Caribbean honeymoon cruise just allows you to sit back, relax and dream about the beauty of the days ahead, as you sail across the massive azure waters under the blue sky of twinkling stars above. The laid-back tropical lifestyle offered by the extensive stretch of the islands makes cruising the best way for you to immerse in it. The beaches and crystal clear waters are magnificent and will be your home for days. 

Some of the most amazing honeymoon cruise packages will take you to some of the best cities and destinations in the world, including Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Havana, Las Terrazzas Unesco Reserve, Valley of Vinales, Cayo Guanahacabibes National Park, Largo, Maria La Gorda, and Playa Giron. Variety Cruises honeymoon packages are offered in small ships thus allowing for the best experience and services. Honeymooners get a chance to hop from one island to another and see amazing flora and fauna up close. During such excursions, couples get the opportunity to either dive and snorkel at a plethora of exotic locations - giving clients the chance to the bold and vivid colours of the underworld and swim with fish turtles. 

Hand in hand, newly married couples also get a chance to walk through picturesque trails and into old rain forests where they can simply bask in the scenic view and pinpoint different species of wildlife and birds. Think black parrots, giant land tortoises and the world’s rarest sea coconut palm tree.

Honeymooners will also find the Pacific and Mediterranean ocean honeymoon cruises to be superb and memorable. The honeymoon cruises not only take you to the shores and to popular destinations but include visits to National parks, Nature reserves and ancient cities along their routes. 

Memorable and Exotic Honeymoon Cruises with Variety Cruises

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