Línia - A Mediterranean brasserie in Barcelona

Línea - Almanac Barcelona

The hottest new hotel to date in Barcelona city, Almanac Barcelona, opened their doors in November 2017, with enthralling interior design and Línia - a lavishly adorned restaurant. The hotel’s Mediterranean brasserie offers an all-day dining and sharing menu where locals and traveller’s lives intersect from morning to night. Crossing several times zones, your internal clock may not be in sync with the destination, to help solve that dilemma when hunger strikes, Línia conveniently serves an all-day dining menu.

The high-ceilinged dining area in Línea is beautifully embellished with brass lamps, deep green and blue hues, and indoor plants behind a glass wall that makes brilliant use of the natural skylight. The furniture resembles a natural dark-wooden look with accents of oak and walnut, but it contrasts well with the chromatic ranges of pebble, alabaster, gold and beige coloured walls and dark-coloured tile floor. The more private dining facilities (there are 2 to date) are easily accessed upstairs and are available only upon requests. This space acts as a point of union for business meets or group parties and is internally connected to its own meeting rooms and bathrooms for maximum convenience.

Chef Sergio Ruiz is the head chef, basing his Catalan-accented style of cooking with high standards of seafood grilling. Some of the more sophisticated dishes are simmered low and slow until tender and packed with powerful flavours that compliment with the fresh produce. For dietary preference, the menu is stacked with gluten-free options and vegetarian dishes. The entire menu is rounded out with rice dishes, stews, pasta, soup and a fine selection of meats and sauces.

As the menu changes with the seasons, the dishes we tried may or may not be available to date. For starters we had the 100% Iberian bellota ham from the Casa de Alba brand. This ham complimented well with the Dali's bread with smoked butter, Payoyo cheese (from the Sierra de Cadiz), dry aged blood-pork spread and artisan mustard. For a taste of the regional cuisine, we highly recommend the roasted wild red tuna hand-picked from the Catalan coastal town of L'Ametlla de Mar. The dish is nicely serenaded with creamy celery turnip, spicy radish, pine nuts and grilled artichokes.  

The desserts at Línea deserve a whole new content piece as it is as extensive if not more than the salt options. Expect an assortment of chocolates such as the in-house creation Almanac Chocolate and other dark chocolate options such as the ones dipped with apricots, hazelnuts and walnuts. You can even create your very own ice-cream sandwich with a selection of cookie flavours and ice-cream zests. This explosion of chocolate techniques and their immersion in Japanese ingredients comes from the hands of pastry chef Lucila Canero. Polyvalent facet in pastries, Canero's creations are like a fine work of art, designed from scratch. 

If you can't extend your meal hours because you have errands to do, there are options for sweets that can be easily eaten on the go or at a later time. The merienda hours in Spain (16:00 - 19:00) is the equivalent of England's afternoon tea. You can devour the extraordinary selection of cakes, tarts, and doughnuts to choose from. Let’s not forget that the churros at Línea are prepared in several different ways, including stuffed, dipped or traditional. Limited indulgences can be good for the soul!


Website - http://www.liniabarcelona.com
Opening Hours - Open every day from 7 am to 11 pm (bar opens until 1 am)
Location - Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes nº 619 - Barcelona, Spain
Reservations - Email: reservas.linia@liniabarcelona.com | Tlf: +0034 930 18 74 51

Línia - Almanac Barcelona
Línea - Almanac, Barcelona
Línea - Almanac Barcelona
Línia - Almanac, Barcelona

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