La Polpa - nostalgic dining on Enric Granados, Barcelona

La Polpa Restaurant

La Polpa restaurant in Barcelona, Spain has appealed to us for its formality and nostalgic feel. The walls of the space is graced with segments of a grocery store and a modest home. Sturdy wooden windows with bottles characterise the interior much like its plates and kettles. To add to its glow, there is an outside terrace waiting for the first clients to arrive in the sunnier months.

La Polpa is a part of the 'km0' philosophy, in which all of their fresh products are from closed proximity of no more than 100km radius from Barcelona. They pick organic products from the Catalan cities/provinces of Girona, Maresme and El Prat. 

The management of the restaurant was very attentive to details. Upon the recommendation of the staff we ordered codfish with organic tomatoes with some greens, a delicious tuna tataki with mango sauce: for starters we had a complete salad with hummus and squashed aubergines and a variation of croquettes - including chipirones. It may surprise you that we managed to squeeze in a cheeky dessert, we went with the crema catalana of course. Unlike other variations, ours was served with toffee ice-cream and was amazing!

La Polpa is mediterranean cuisine with a twist of a hint of Oriental touches. The exclusive care and design as well as an excellent value for its money makes La Polpa a great experience. 


Website -
Opening Hours - From 13:00 to 15:45 & from 20:30 to 23:30 (Closed Sunday evenings in January, February and March)
Location - Enrique Granados nº69 - Barcelona, Spain
Reservations - Email: | Tlf: +34 933 23 83 08

Nostalgic feel of an old town grocery store.
Croquettes were served in this fancy fashion.
Tuna tataki with mango sauce and salad.
Crema catalana (Catalan cream) with a scoop of toffee ice cream.

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