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JK Place Firenze

Sunday's Brunch culture has taken a new twist with JK Place's sophisticated display. They offer a distinguished Florentine and American buffet, as well as JK Place's vegan delicacies. A selection of top Tuscan cheeses and freshly hand picked seasonal organic fruits are on display, this place is like a treat for your birthday. Expect organic cakes, excellent wine pairings and the extra flamboyant of waiters will have you frequent here! If we only lived in Florence. 

The entrance to JK Place Firenze is on a low-key corner of Piazza Santa Maria Novella. Despite the fashionably relaxed ambience, expect the staff to ask for your coat and any extra layers you need to ounce off. This boutique hotel, is actually like walking into a former mansion, the layered curtains, thick rugs and warm cushions will have you want to lounge about with a drink in hand before savouring in their dishes. Light lunches, afternoon tea, dinner and brunch on sundays are served here with a strongly seasonal menu of Tuscan specialties. Interior Michele Bonan was responsible for the stylish 50's look.   

For the romantics, upon entering the front door, there is a sofa by the fireplace in the lounge that you can have dinner by. During the warmer months we recommend the little terrace on the 4th floor, it is the most eclectic of all settings and the views are a true privilege. Also, in the very square on front of the hotel you can have a seat with the outdoor ambience in motion. 

We had a gratifying dinner whilst sipping on prosecco. Nothing beats the cotelette Milanese, serenaded with cherry tomatoes and freshly served arugula. The meat was tender to the middle and the layer was done well to its crispy perfection! This bone-in selection of meat is an absolute favourite among the locals, and we can't argue just how good it is. Also to consider is the 'Florence meets Sicily' dish. Consisted of an artisanal Pachheri pasta from Pastificio Artigiano Fabrri in Strada, with a zucchini-pistachio pesto and Sicilian red prawn in caper oil. Each ingredient was easily distinguishable in the mouth and we would were quite impressed with a fish dish in a city more known for its steak and grind meat. As you should do in Florence, end your meal with a dessert. We saved space for a tiramisu, with its layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and a rich, velvety mascarpone cream inside. For whatever your reasons are for coming to JK Place Firenze, we had recommend having a bite here as it truly represents the local's way of eating. 

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Website - http://www.jkplace.com/
Opening Hours - Check with the hotel
Location - Piazza di Santa Maria Novella nº 7, 50123 - Florence, Italy
Reservations - Email: info@jkplace.com | Tlf: +39 055 264 5181

JK Place Firenze
JK Place Fireze
JK Place Firenze
JK Place Firenze

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