2nd Edition of the Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival

Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival

The Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival (IBCF) is back in the city on the 5th and 6th of May, 2017. This initiative was created last year by All Those, Nømad Coffee, Right Side Coffee, Satan’s Coffee Corner and Skye Coffee Co, and has come back this year with even more workshops and participants. Expect to find coffee shops and roasters in the specialty coffee scene to participate from all over Spain, mainly Barcelona city, in addition to an important handful of guests from Europe. 

Another new addition to the festival will be the professional day aimed for people who work within the speciality coffee industry. On the first day, these professionals will learn and participate in all kind of activities; talks and workshops will take place for coffee shop owners, baristas, roasters and coffee enthusiasts. Some of the topics for example covers the importance of the milling scale, and there will be calibrated tastings by some of the most worldwide acknowledged coffee importers like Nordic Approach or 32cup.

On Saturday, May 6th, alongside with the Poblenou Open Day, a  big event will be held in Espacio 88. It is open to anyone interested that feels curious to know more about this new wave of coffee. There will be free unlimited coffee roasted by the best Spanish roasters, activities by some of the leading people in the local gastronomic scene like chefs, artisans and producers. Expect this day to have amazing music, food, craft beer, natural wine, coffee-based cocktails and, of course, non-stop coffee! 

Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of May
IBCF schedule in Espacio 88: 
Friday (professional day): from 9 am to 8 pm + networking dinner  
Saturday (open day): from 10 am to 10 pm
Tickets: Free entrance for Saturday the 6th. For the professional day pass (Friday) check the IBCF website – www.ibcoffeefestival.es 



  • Pressure profiling by La Marzocco
  • Differences on grinding with different kinds of burrs and its effect on the % of extraction by Mahlkönig
  • Water conductivity and its effect on extractions. Past, present and future on water filtration technology by BWT
  • Hospitality in coffee bars by Joke de Caffènation (Antwerp) & Victoria Arduino
  • Temperature and flow: 2 key variables in espresso extraction by Dalla Corte with Gordon Howell and Kim Ossenblok
  • Latte Art Throwdown by Slayer, Compak & Oatly


  • Cupping by Mare Terra
  • Cupping by Nordic Approach
  • Cupping by 32 Cup


  • Roast profiling on a Sample Roaster by Mare Terra & Giesen
  • Calibration with SCAA form by Nordic Approach
  • Roasting consistency by Mans & 32 Cup
  • Marketing strategy and communication on 3rd wave coffee shops by Ingri from Kaffikaze
  • Talk by a coffee producer

May 6: PUBLIC (be sure to enter IB Coffee Festival website to buy tickets)


  • Home barista: Espresso workshop in the mini machines 12h | 17h | 18h Price: 5€
  • Brew: How to make good brew coffee at home 11h | 11:30h | 12:30h | 17:30h | 18:30h  
  • Home barista: Espresso workshop in the mini


  • Respect to the raw material and the process of a product's elaboration by Xevi from Llet Crua 15:30h Price: 10€
  • Macerate. The era of the drinks of love by Narciso Bermejo from Macera Taller Bar 18:30h Price: 10€


  • Workshop: Three coffees of origin, three brewings, three recipes by Bendita Helena
  • Workshop: Marriage with Núria Cruelles by Slow Mov
  • Workshop: Buddy Brew by Espai Joliu

IB Coffee Festival

Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival 2nd Edition 5 - 6 of May, 2017 ☕️ Celebrate specialty coffee www.ibcoffeefestival.es | @ibcoffeefestival | Pics by © Germán Parga
Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival
Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival
Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival
Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival

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