Greek Hotels with the Best Dining Views

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Exceptional travel experiences consist of a number of factors. However, there are certain things that can instantly elevate the hospitality bar when it comes to hotels. One is high quality gastronomy at your hotel of choice, so you have the option of sampling the local flavours of your chosen destination with a a bit of a signature twist. What’s more, when hotel dining venues come with phenomenal views, dining becomes a truly extraordinary experience, to indulge taste and sight simultaneously, resulting in a irrevocable feast for your palate and your eyes. A top contender for combining these two elements, and one that has hospitality deeply rooted in its culture, is Greece. And so, here at Travel & Lust we’ve gathered three beautiful Greek hotels that guarantee dining with a view.  

Athens: Acropolis views at Sense Restaurant

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Greece’s capital is best known for one magnificent landmark: the Acropolis. Imposing by day, and mesmerising by night, gazing upon the ancient rock cultivates feelings of awe, as you contemplate its age and poignant history. After all, the Acropolis is considered to be a symbol of democracy and a beacon of modern civilisation so it cannot leave anyone unaffected. On the landmark’s southern side, the Design hotel, AthensWas has a rooftop exclusively created for dining with views of the Acropolis. Sense Restaurant takes gourmands on a culinary journey that will appease all your senses. The menu is characterised by a modern approach on classic Greek gastronomy with playful touches here and there. The view is spectacular, and perhaps one of the best views to accompany a lavish yet unpretentious dining experience, making the Acropolis the true protagonist of the evening.

Santorini: Dramatic landscape vistas at Alali Restaurant

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A destination that needs no introductions, known far and wide for its staggering sky meets sea vistas, and its world famous sunset. Santorini is one of Greece’s most magical islands, due to its unique and dramatic geomorphology. The Caldera cliff, created by a volcanic eruption years ago, reveals numerous strata rising about 350 meters above sea level, making an incredible sight to feast your eyes on while you dine. Alali Restaurant in Santorini is located on the lesser frequented side of the island, in Akrotiri, at the southernmost tip of the island’s crescent. Its positioning offers a very different vantage point as you get to see the Caldera, Oia village and the volcano in one frame. In addition to an a la carte menu, they offer a balanced nine course degustation menu that includes all the local flavours with a clear build up from one to the next.

Corfu: Seaside ambiance at Tortuga Restaurant

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The emerald lady of the Ionian, Corfu island, is one that exudes elegance of a different era. A unique island in many respects, its old town used to be a high society hot spot of the past, resulting in splendid manors, regal palaces and stately homes that tell the tale of its golden age. However, being an island, it is graced with some striking shores of azure, crystalline waters that offer visitors with an undisputed sense of serenity. In the area of Pelekas, on the island’s western side, fine dining meets a sunset coloured sky canvas background. The feeling of tranquility at the beachfront Tortuga Restaurant in Mayor Pelekas Monastery hotel is unbeatable as you savour delectable dishes and indulge in watching the sun dip into the sea. The well rounded menu comprises of wholesome, Greek flavours that bring out the best of fresh, local ingredients while the setting is simply enchanting as the restaurant is literally on the beach.

This article has been produced in collaboration with Helen-Marie Joyce. 

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