Greece: Love, Culture, Pamper

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After eat, and pray we are told comes love. And after Love, consider culture, and then a bit of pampering. Feed your soul to the brim in Greece, as, all the above is possible, provided you visit the right spots! ‘Eat’ is an integral part of the allurement of Greece. Greek cuisine is a paragon of Mediterranean gastronomy known throughout the world for its nutritious value and great flavour, so each and every corner has its own regional takes on classic Greek recipes - and they are all delicious. ‘Pray’ is personal journey most of the Christian Orthodox faithfuls externalise by regularly attending mass. 

Astarte Suite

Santorini is where love happens exponentially. You will fall in love with this magical, crescent shaped island simply because there is nothing like it. The imposing, dormant volcano, the majestic, picture-perfect sunset, the stark, white, cliff top settlements, the dramatic precipice of stratas, the colourful beaches, the array of blue dome churches that pierce through the pattern of white structures. Tuck your love safely away by staying Santorini’s most exclusive side at Astarte Suites in Akrotiri, and be lavished in superior living. 

Athens Greece


A place built on the foundations of the ancient Greek ancestors, a place of philosophers, medicine men, historians and politicians; the place where democracy was born. All the ancient landmarks and monuments are literally strewn at your feet especially when walking up the most beautiful pedestrian walkway in Athens, called Dionysiou Aeropagitou, on which the exceptional design hotel AthensWas is located. Soak up all the riveting sites on your own, or if you wish to delve into details, opt for a their half day or full day private tour. 

Beach Miraggio


On the southernmost tip of the Kassandra peninsula of Halkidiki lies a brand new palace of rejuvenation. A state-of-the-art thermal spa internally, and external, heated and seawater pools,  and an extensive menu of luxurious, wellness treatments and therapies to cover a wide range of head to toe needs, allowing you to rediscover your body and at the same time balance your mind for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Take your pick from any of Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort’s incredible spa experiences, and even enhance your well being even further you can explore the fitness and motion activities as well as enjoy healthy, wholesome food to ensure all your being in sync to be pampered! 


Notes in Greece