Destination Dreaming 2019

As the year draws to a close the new year means one main thing…planning! What didn’t you get to do that you really wanted to? Where would you like to visit next? What kind of experience are you keen to have in 2019? We’ve adopted a more “slow” approach to travel, allowing us to fully immerse wherever we are staying and most importantly, connect with locals. We have lots of places that we’d like to visit, either because of the culture, gastronomy, boutique stay, landscape, etc. Find below a list of just a few places on our wishlist for 2019. We don’t know if we’ll make it or not but that isn’t the point, we simply know which places have caught our eye. Read on for more.


Photo by  Lucas Zerma  on  Unsplash

Photo by Lucas Zerma on Unsplash

We always manage to go to cities such as Lisbon and Oporto, and even booked experiences in the Douro wine region, but we have a keen desire to spend time by the coast and indulge somewhat. One of the boutique properties on our hitlist is La Magnolia, a hotel located in Quinta de Lago, Algarve. The contemporary design and facilities have us wanting to pack our bags at once! Then there’s Casa Azimute, an impressive minimalist house that lies undereath a starry sky in Alentejo. We can definitely see ourselves sipping a glass of wine and absorbing the natural surroundings.



The last time we visited Venice was almost 8 years ago, during the Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition - yes, that's quite some time for someone that loves Italy. We stayed at the Giordani family's B&B Murano Palace on Murano Island, and ate every night at the family’s famous B Restaurant alla vecchia pescheria. We're keen to head back and jump in water taxis, eat delicious Venetian food and of course, enjoy the art scene. It's bridge heaven and the pops of colours from the adjacent buildings are sure to put many in a dreamy state. We plan on staying in a decadent suite-like house offered at Ca Maria Adele.



This place in the US is a melting pot of culture. From the Southern and Creole-infused cuisine to the rich history and blend of architecture in the new part of town, to the traditional French Quarter - this place oozes culture and hospitality.


Photo by  Joachim Lesne  on  Unsplash

It's the Gothic Revival-styled architecture and picturesque thermal baths that initially draws our eyes to Budapest. We want to ride the funicular up Buda’s Castle Hill before visiting the palatial Fisherman's Bastion. As foodies we would definitely eat our way through the Great Market Hall, navigating through traditional flatbreads and meats. Also, seeing as one of us has this thing with tiles, a trip on the metro (one of the oldest in Europe) is very much on the list. Of course, it’s also a real excuse to stay at boutique hotel Brody House.



We are super curious about the city of Beirut. Yasmine Darwich fully recommends her home city and her Instagram account often has us yearning to go. It seems like it has lots of contrasts, from traditional hotels to Lebanese mansion-style accommodation and then there is the contemporary vibe and concepts among humble and traditional places. In addition, of course, the street art, coast and food. Guest house Beit el Tawlet is on the top of our list to stay!


Photo by  Maria Teneva  on  Unsplash

Earlier this year we dragged ourselves through the snow to visit Ghent and had the most majestic stay and hospitality at Atelier Turquoise. This time around, we are keen to explore the idyllic and greener fairytale-like city of Brugge. The intricate and picturesque canals lead one to a period piece which has tales galore. It’s this sense of enchantment that pulls us and wants us to explore the Flemish culture further by visiting museums, galleries and have us stay at eclectic guesthouses and hotels with a character such as Kind of OJ.


Photo by  Jurre Houtkamp  on  Unsplash

When thinking about a Mexican paradise that is set on an island, it’s Holbox that comes to mind. Here we’ll walk barefoot along golden sandy beaches and stare out into the deepest shades of blues. The island screams ease and this paired with the fact that more than often it’s hard to get WIFI, makes us sigh with relief. This is the place where we imagine ourselves exploring the local art scene, cycling, snorkelling and eating seafood and washing it down with Mexican craft beer.


Photo by  Sabrina Mazzeo  on  Unsplash

We’ll be honest with you, Noto is mostly on our list for the almond-milk granita at Caffè Sicilia. Apparently, it’s the best in the world. There’s also the vision of a golden hue on Sicilian Baroque architecture, thanks to the effervescent sun. Places such as Casa Talia boast incredible views and make the perfect base for a boutique and charming stay in Noto. This is a place we’d love to visit in warmer months, where we can enjoy the rich history and Modica is fully decked with an abundance of breathtaking Baroque buildings picture perfect from a postcard. The UNESCO listed town is also known for its chocolate, which obviously doesn’t hurt but we imagine ourselves seeing the pretty town from above, snapping away in between climbing bell towers and sitting in a square with a bite to eat before returning to a pad such as Residenza Hortus to relax and reflect.

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