Córdoba - Enchantment in Andalusia

Beautiful decorations inside the Great Mosque and Cathedral of Córdoba.

Beautiful decorations inside the Great Mosque and Cathedral of Córdoba.

The simple beauty that resonates throughout Córdoba (Cordova), Spain is simply incredible. This southern gem makes for a memorable visit if you want to learn about the Islamic Spain, Jewish encounters and Christian integration. We were awed by the city's lively atmosphere, not just a haven for history, but with a lot of flamenco, happy locals and great food.

You can not miss the Casa Andalusí, a 12th-century house furnished with objects from Córdoba’s medieval Islamic culture and a Roman mosaic. This was during the time in which Jews, Muslims and Christians co-existed. Today the house is looked after by a lady called Salma. Also on the must do list is a visit to the Palacio de Viana (Viana Palace). This is a flower filled spot to photograph, with a legacy to learn about!

To eat, we recommend getting a bite at La Boca in San Fernando nº39. This Andaluz gem is near the Plaza de la Corredera (Corredera Square). They have vegetarian options and a healthy choice of other food choices, add that with a spin of gin and tonic and the beautiful interior design, and you will be glad you stepped in this chamber of vintage vibrancy. 

The locals serenade their houses with full-bloomed flowers on their balconies and patio walls. We were told told to go back when the Flower Festival is celebrated mid-May but being there late December in 20º degree weather with the perfume of flowers in the air was a big enough treat in itself.

A unique focal point of attention is the Great Mosque of Córdoba (commonly referred to as La Mezquita). Being the 2nd largest mosque in the world and situated at the southern peek of Europe resembles just how exotic this Mediterranean city can be. This is one of the few places where you experience the benefits of Muslims, Jews, and Christians that once lived here in harmony, resembling the religious tolerance that was once lived in this region of Spain. The smell of citrus and the sight of palm trees in the courtyard with the infinity arches on the inside of the mosque is all worth catering for to your senses.

When tired after having a long day of sight seeing, we recommend heading to the Hammam Al Andaluz on C/ Corregidor Luis de la Cerda nº 51. The hospitality and architecture is entirely reminiscing of Morocco's, where you can enjoy numerous types of bath. A hot stone massage with red grapes will literally change your life. 

We tell everyone this, you haven´t seen Spain properly until you experience Córdoba first.

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