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Conserveira de Lisboa

Lisbon seduces us over and over again with the gastronomy, hospitality and eclectic design elements across the city, bridging the gap between the traditional, with the modern day era. All of these elements can be found under one roof at the family owned business Conserveira de Lisboa (a shop specialised in canned fish). Gobble, nibble or nosh on a ration of fish, the qualitative conservation of the product can be enjoyed for many occasions.  

Walking down the cobblestoned streets of downtown Lisbon, this shop can be easily located just 10 minutes walking distance from Baixa/Chiado metro station. A wide selection of canned fish can be picked and packed: anchovies, tuna, codfish, bivalves, mackerel, lampern, squid, octopus, sardines and more selections to your liking. This traditional find preserves three registration of its brands - Tricana, Minor and Prata do Mar - in addition to the brand's copyrights. 

Whenever we are in Lisbon, we make sure to buy dozens of cans to bring back to our team. Lately, the designers collective at Weareboq are responsible for the redesigning of the shop, doing so in a coherent way, acting upon their history and philosophy. Additionally, we learned from one of the owners, that in 2010 they celebrated their 80th anniversary, in which they brought in new recipes, new sizes and other products as their idea has always been to innovate.

What we love most about the shop is it remains true to its principles: it is an incredible link between production and clients. They maintain the essence of the traditional trade, optimising the products to suit their costumers; preserving an illustrative service for everyone's indulgent. This family business fights to stay traditional, as their objectives have remained almost untouched since their establishment in 1930. Despite the ongoing changes of the company's ownership, the structure of the administration has remained the same, what has resulted in a more sustainable development for the shop.

Conserveira de Lisboa is a must-visit if you are in Lisbon's Baixa district. This little wooden-decked store has an element of charm with its brilliant customer service. The Conserveira has become an institution of the city, known for its hand-wrapped goodies. You can gift wrap the boxes and get them shipped to anywhere in the world. Aside from all of the canned goods packed in one place, you can also buy olive oil, wines and books to take back in memory of the city. 

An additional point of sale is in the Ribeira Market, open every weekday from 10h to 23h. 

Conserveira de Lisboa | Opened over 80 years ago in downtown Lisbon, a shop specialising in canned fish | Open from Monday to Saturday 09:00 - 19:00 | Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 34 1100 - 071 Lisbon (Metro: Baixa-Chiado) | +351 21 886 4009 | |

Conserveira de Lisboa
Conserveira de Lisboa
Conserveira de Lisboa

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