Colchester - medieval glory outside of London


Colchester, UK is a medieval gem located 2 hours 20 minutes north-east of London. The top 3 reasons we visited; it happens to be the oldest recorded town in the UK, the picturesque Essex country side and their roast dinners.

The main landmark is the Colchester castle and museum which has been built on top of the vaults of the old Roman temple. It happened to be closed when we went as it was undergoing refurbishments, but it has been confirmed that on April 30, 2014 it will reopen. The castle is a very important factor if you like to hear stories of knights in shining armour, travelling merchants and heroic crusaders. Not to be missed are the surviving gateway of the Benedictine abbey of St. John the Baptist (known locally as St. John's Abbey) and the ruins of the Augustinian priory of St. Botolph (known locally as St. Botolph's Priory). Find historical treasures in the town's award-winning museums

We especially loved Castle park, as we are lovers of the spacious outdoors. It was like a children's book with squirrels, swans and other birds crossing each other's paths. Ideal picnic spots are to be found everywhere in this little haven of a park. Closest to the main entrance is the Dutch quarter which happens to be a single street but it stands out to be incredibly striking and unique to the other buildings in the town.

The shopping districts are plentiful and buzzing, the same can be said about the town's English pubs. Eating a good roast was an easy feat even without any local references. It is also a hikers dream, with lots of luscious walks and green pathways that you can walk through and enjoy in peace. For a piece of mind and culture it is definitely worth visiting this side of Essex again.

Architect Rafael Viñoly´s work of art in   Firstsite  , a newly opened arts centre in Colchester, which has been dubbed the golden banana.
 Ruins of St Botolph's Augustinian Priory.
 Colchester´s castle is undergoing refurbishment until its launch on April 30th, 2014.
 Walk around Castle Park´s lakes and breathe the fresh air.

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