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Affordable Cool Boutique Hotels in East London

Luxury hospitality is commonly associated with London, the mega metropolitan city. The focus has previously been on large and upscale structures; towering builds for offices, malls, and restaurants with breathtaking views of London. Famed for excellence and prestige, Claridges, Fortnum and Masons remain loyal staples to the minds of many. The sheer number of cool rooftops, festivals, urban gardens, pop-up events and culinary and cultural happenings, is why London remains one of the most visited cities in Europe.

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Brighton & Hove - London-by-the-sea

Rarely does a seaside town receive such a great amount of scrutiny for its comparison to the country's capital. Brighton in its zen-like calmness and sheer natural beauty has an abundance of worldly ethical restaurants, fashionable outlets and dozens of independent shops that can put your favorite market to shame. 

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Frieze Sculpture 2017 - London

For the first time, London's Regent's Park has been the elegant backdrop for contemporary sculptures, as part of the outdoor art display Frieze Sculpture 2017. Visitors can view marvels by artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Rasheed Araeen and Urs Fischer at the pop up showcase for free.

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Groom, Shop and Dine at Barber & Parlour

Where else might you eat, drink, shop, nap, get a hair cut, watch a film and then go home to brag about it? If it isn't your favourite mall that can result a bit repetitive, then it must be Soho House's all-day hangout Barber & Parlour on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch.This place features Cheeky Parlour, Hair by Josh Wood and Neville Barbers for your hair-do. Barber & Parlour is a three-floor space in the heart of Shoreditch, offering several grooming options for men and women.

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East London Hip

North of the river Thames, you can find seven London Boroughs that make up East London: Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge, Havering and Hackney. We especially love the artistic vibe summed up best by the eclectic street art which adorns many of the east end neighbourhoods, the melting pot of cultures and the strong sense of community that grasps you, whether you are a newcomer or have been around for the long haul.

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sketch - London

sketch's manifesto reaches great heights with its extravagant bars and restaurants making up what is central Mayfair's biggest endeavor yet. The different instalments flow organically throughout the building - The Gallery, Lecture Room, Parlour, Glade and East Bar all consists of their own theme and whole-heartedly dedicated spaces with different atmospheres. 

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Nº 197 Chiswick Fire Station - London

Something independently new opened in April of this year in the west side of London, stemming from the minds behind No. 11 Pimlico Rd in what has been Chiswick's sidelined red brick fire station. The former home of the local fire brigade has maintained its fire station features on the outside, with a hip interior that is closer to what you can find in Los Angeles, California than you perhaps would in London.

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Hubbard & Bell - London

Hubbard and Bell at The Hox (Holborn) has been hitting the air waves since mid 2015 when they decided to launch their first Sunday Feast. It is the perfect weekend indulgence, especially since you can have a typical lazy day and treat yourself to an all-day buffet of Italian deli-style cooking. Good food is so fundamental here, you will be returning to tuck in to some of the dishes that didn't make it in your tummy.

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Rudie's - Get your jerk on in Dalston, London

Dalston is that part of London that is rough round the edges but where those in the know, hang out. The area is brimming with boutique stores, upcoming design haunts, creative hairdressers and more - all juxtaposed with a melting pot of cultures with local Caribbean food stores, Indian restaurants, hipster bars and more. New in tow is Rudie's, a contemporary Jamaican restaurant that gives you another worthy reason to head to Stoke Newington road.

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Serpentine Galleries 15th Anniversary - London

For the past 15 years, the Serpentine Pavilion has become a global phenomenon for architectural experimentation, presenting inspirational temporary structures by some of the world's greatest architects. A much-awaited landmark in London each summer, the Pavilion is one of the top-ten most visited architectural and design exhibitions in the world.

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DF/Mexico Diner - London

You only have to look at the success of Wahaca to see that Mexican food is in demand and need not be a little sitio in a dark and unsettling street. Contemporary design, modern fixtures and POS units can intertwine to create an inviting restaurant for all and this is what we thought when we visited DF Mexico. I mean we don't need many excuses to go to head over to the Truman Brewery, but we sure found another one with this restaurant at the very top end of Hanbury Street.

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London - walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas-themed fair in the depths of London´s Hyde Park. There is plenty of substance and enough to do for families, couples or just friends. We consider this event to be on anyone´s TO-DO list as of December because rarely do you get a celebration of this magnitude focusing only on Christmas. 

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