Bonder & Co - Interview with Paloma Bonder

Paloma Bonder

One of the island’s most reputable private villa agencies in Ibiza, Bonder & Co has been delivering high-end professional services to their loyal clientele for over nine years. Their expansive portfolio include villas in Barcelona, Mallorca, Es Cubells, Sant Josep and Formentera to their impressive portfolio.

Where are you from?

I was born in the island, although I can say I’m from everywhere! My dad´s family are originally from Russia and my mother´s family from the Basque Country but my parents were both born in Argentina. They arrived to the island when it was pretty much still “Virgin” in the 80´s.

The “Old Ibiza” as some would call it with some nostalgic tone is my place…but I would think of it as the “new Ibiza” as it is cool, dynamic and has so much diversity. The fact that “old tradition can live with new atmosphere” makes the island not only a hot spot but also an eclectic place to enjoy and relax.

What inspired you to set up Bonder & Co?

The inspiration comes through the love for my island and the desire to share it. Although I must confess it was also a dear group of friends that blew me with the idea and said I should share all my secrets with the world. So here I am… 9 years later, loving it every day more.

Why the Balearic Islands?

They are magical, the beaches are out of this world, people carry a smile in their faces all day long and the cocktails are there any better reason?!

Bonder & Co - Interview with Paloma Bonder

How do the islands differ? (Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera)

We call them the sister islands…the eldest is Mallorca of course, its not only the biggest but it has everything to offer. From its delightful cuisine (today Mallorca holds 7 Michelin stars), it all runs like a clock on time and with a very high level of service. Ideal for families, golfers and sailors. I grew up in Mallorca and sailed professionally for over 7 years and it’s the best island if you wish to see the coastline!

Formentera is the little sister, inexperienced, wild but each time you look at her a smile arises in everyone’s face. It's of a certain magic that we call it the “the small one”. The water in Formentera is like no other and if you’re lucky enough,  you may get to see dolphins!

Menorca the peaceful and smart one. Very nature, eco-driven and with a lovely old town that takes you directly to medieval times.

Ibiza, the fun and crazy sister of course! I was born here so I must say it’s my favourite. Either you love it or you hate it but the way Ibiza makes you feel is unique and will reflect all the parts of yourself (the one you know and the ones you still are yet to discover).

Where is your favourite place to relax?

I love a day at Atzaro spa, surrounded by an orange groove and birds are the only sound you hear. Sundays in a yacht to Formentera and marvelous paella at Beso Beach is a must of course!

Bonder & Co - Interview with Paloma Bonder

Where do you recommend to enjoy a nice dinner?

Cicale located in San Juan is run by the most friendly Michaela. They serve the most mouth watering homemade pasta.

Also thrilled by the food is Sa Brisa, a new gastro bar in Ibiza town with the best deluxe tapas in the island and possibly in all the Balearic Islands. They pride themselves for a professional service and creative tapas that take you through a journey of taste and textures.

Bonder & Co - Interview with Paloma Bonder

Do you have a favourite spot for breathtaking views?

Sunset Ashram in Ibiza…too good to explain, you must do it!

Bonder & Co - Interview with Paloma Bonder

What kind of experiences can people plan when visiting the islands?

We call ourselves “Dream makers, life perfectionist and dream creators” so this is what we do. We can organise the best Michelin star chef to cook the most delightful and fresh food followed by the best wines served on one of our most exclusive, luxurious villa rentals.

Private driver service that have access to all VIP back doors in the most exclusive clubs and venues in the island.

Yacht rental and a day out to Formentera is on the top of what you must do during your holidays in Ibiza. You really should not miss it!

The hottest service we have at this moment is a 15 course tasting menu that stimulates the 5 senses designed by our 2 * Michelin chef Paco Roncero. This 3hr experience will combine flavours, virtual reality and lots of surprises. If you wish to get your mind and senses  blown, do let us know! It’s an out of this word experience!

Your luxury villas look serene, private and ideal for relaxing. Please tell us more.

We have 350 luxury villa rentals in Ibiza and another 100 in other destinations. We have front-line properties with sea access, countryside villas in Santa Gertrudis surrounded by olive tress and the most beautiful natural water pools, modern villas in Es Cubells designed by some of the most famous architects, from Bruno Erpicum to many more. Most of our villas are fully catered for and will have a service oriented staff which we train to full-fill our clients expectations.

Bonder & Co - Interview with Paloma Bonder

One of our biggest and strongest points is that we will take care of everything from a-z. We have an in-house concierge service allowing you to access the best places in the island and top recommendations by our concierge team, which is known to be the best in the island.  We also host private parties, children parties and weddings held by our detailed and focus event team that takes our customers through the experience of their life. Clients choose us because they trust us and they know that what we offer is always the best and presented to them so they can lie back, breathe and enjoy the Bonder & Co journey surrounded by beauty and love.

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